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dis­ad­van­taged chil­dren.

Tri-County Di­rec­tor Wil­liam V. Riggs Jr. has en­coun­tered a prob­lem in this new pro­gram which now in­cludes kinder­gartens. This is the first year that the state’s ed­u­ca­tional sys­tem has pro­vided full sup­port for the kinder­gartens.

In check­ing the 1962 birth records and other more cur­rent statis­tics to see how many 5-year-olds should be ready for kinder­garten this year, the Board of Ed­u­ca­tion came up with a fig­ure of about 157 more chil­dren than were en­rolled last May. draft of the his­toric district or­di­nance pre­sented the draft to the town coun­cil last month, ac­cord­ing to Michael Day, chief of the Of­fice of Plan­ning and Ed­u­ca­tional Out­reach for Mary­land His­tor­i­cal Trust.

Day said that while no de­ci­sions were made to ac­cept the or­di­nance, the meet­ing be­tween the com­mit­tee and the coun­cil pro­vided new un­der­stand­ing to a lot of unan­swered ques­tions or mis­un­der­stand­ings about his­toric districts.

••• Un­der the cover of dark­ness, the Bri­tish be­gan their at­tack.

They planned to sur­prise the Amer­i­cans, to sur­round and cap­ture, with­out hav­ing to fire a shot.

Their num­bers were su­pe­rior, with over 3,000 men serv­ing His Majesty, and less than 400 rag-tag Amer­i­can mili­tia.

At 2:50 a.m., Aug. 13, 1813, a con­tin­gent of Bri­tish of Bri­tish crossed the Kent Narrows and headed down the main road (pre­sent day State Route 18) to­ward Queenstown.

A force of 1,500 Bri­tish marines silently moved up the Ch­ester River in 45 barges. Their mis­sion was to take the Amer­i­can camp in re­verse, block­ing any re­treat to­ward Cen­tre­ville.

Along the main road, at a point called Slip­pery Hill (pre­sent in­ter­sec­tion of Route 18 nd Ben­netts Point Road), 100 Amer­i­can cav­alry-men hun­kered down to await the Bri­tish. They knew they were sorely out­num­bered, but they re­mained be­hind earth­works, 100 feet long by 6-feet wide, await­ing their fate.

A sen­try, spot­ting the col­umn of ad­vanc­ing Bri­tish, fired into their midst.

The bat­tle had be­gun.

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