I’m dream­ing of a com­mer­cial free world

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It was one of those re­ally busy weeks where there was hardly enough time to breathe. For my­self, I was glad the week was over and I could re­lax for the evening.

“What do you want for sup­per?” The Gra­cious Mis­tress of the Par­son­age queried. “Do you want to go out for sup­per?”

Go­ing out for sup­per was the last thing on my mind. All I wanted to do was re­lax here at the house.

“No,” I said rather hes­i­tat­ingly, “why don’t we just or­der a pizza and stay home tonight?”

That brought a nice smile to her face. It is the one time that I made the right de­ci­sion.

So, we or­dered the pizza and were ready to set­tle down and en­joy the evening to­gether watch­ing TV. Noth­ing could be more re­lax­ing af­ter the kind of week we had. It was like two steps for­ward and five steps back­ward.

The pizza ar­rived in good time and we were ready to turn our back on the world, the past week and just en­joy our own lit­tle com­pan­ion­ship.

Or­der­ing pizza can some­times be tricky. I like pep­per­oni, she likes mush­room and the twain never comes to­gether. So we or­dered a large pizza half pep­per­oni and half mush­room. That way I know I will get my half. I know she will not eat any of the pep­per­oni pizza.

We were all snug­gled down in our easy chairs eat­ing pizza, drink­ing soda and watch­ing TV.

“What do you want to watch tonight?”

“I don’t know,” she said hes­i­tat­ingly, “any­thing is good for me tonight.”

We set­tled on one of those Hall­mark movies play­ing that night and be­gan watch­ing it. If you ever watched a movie on TV, you know that they can­not go long with­out break­ing for com­mer­cials.

It was ag­i­tat­ing to me, but I just in­dulged in my pizza and soda.

Then I heard a very deep sigh­ing on the other side of the room. For a while, I pre­tended not to hear it. I just kept munch­ing on my pizza.

The sigh­ing got louder and I tried to crunch louder. Un­for­tu­nately, the sigh­ing won.

The next stage was, “I can’t be­lieve all of that.”

Again, I tried to mind my own busi­ness and fo­cus on the movie. At the next com­mer­cial I heard some­body say, and it wasn’t me, “I am just about tired of all that.”

I am not sure what she was tired of; I was hop­ing it was not me. I know it wasn’t the pizza. You can only han­dle some­thing for so long.

Fi­nally, I said, “What are you tired of?”

“I’m tired,” she said most ex­as­per­at­ingly, “of all those com­mer­cials. I’m tired of them all. I want them to go away.”

I had to agree with her at this point. I am so tired of com­mer­cials. I am dream­ing of some world where there are no com­mer­cials.

While watch­ing this movie we de­cided to do a lit­tle bit of re­search. Af­ter ev­ery part of the movie, it came to com­mer­cial time. When the com­mer­cials started com­ing we started count­ing them. Be­tween ev­ery seg­ment, there were 117 com­mer­cials. It seemed that way at least.

The worst part of th­ese com­mer­cials was the fact that most of them were po­lit­i­cal com­mer­cials. Per­son­ally, I think that should be against the law. And the Gra­cious Mis­tress of the Par­son­age agrees with me. So, if she agrees with me it must be some­thing of con­se­quence.

If I want to see a com­mer­cial, I will go and watch a com­mer­cial. Af­ter all, I do have a com­puter. But please, do not splat­ter my TV screen with com­mer­cial af­ter com­mer­cial af­ter com­mer­cial.

When a com­mer­cial comes on I can get up, go take a shower, shave and prac­tice my Yogi Berra be­fore the next part of the movie be­gins.

I have no­ticed that if I am watch­ing TV while eat­ing some­thing they al­ways have com­mer­cials about di­ar­rhea. Why do I want to know about that while I am eat­ing? That is most dis­gust­ing.

Even more dis­gust­ing are po­lit­i­cal com­mer­cials. Again, I think it should be against the law for any po­lit­i­cal com­mer­cials to be on my tele­vi­sion. They should set aside one TV sta­tion that runs noth­ing but com­mer­cials 24/7. Then, if I want to watch a com­mer­cial, I know where to go.

If a po­lit­i­cal can­di­date wants to run for some of­fice, they should write an es­say about what they be­lieve and post it on their web­site. Then, if I want to know any­thing about them, I know where to go. Only please, stay off my TV set.

While watch­ing our movie, it be­came very con­fus­ing. It is hard to leap across the com­mer­cials to fol­low the story line. We de­cided to time things. The movie part would last about eight min­utes and the com­mer­cial part would last over 10 min­utes.

Talk about be­ing un­fair. I never turn the TV on to watch a com­mer­cial. It would be hard for me to find a com­mer­cial that I have any in­ter­est in what­so­ever.

The only place I can find a com­mer­cial free en­vi­ron­ment is the Bible. “All scrip­ture is given by in­spi­ra­tion of God, and is prof­itable for doc­trine, for re­proof, for cor­rec­tion, for in­struc­tion in right­eous­ness: That the man of God may be per­fect, thor­oughly fur­nished unto all good works” (2 Ti­mothy


The one plea­sure in read­ing the Bible is that there are no dis­trac­tions.

(I’m James Sny­der and I ap­prove this mes­sage.)

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