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Con­vinced he missed the boat on love, 40-year-old Kent (Kent Os­borne) is happy with his rou­tine of work­ing as an an­i­ma­tor by day and spend­ing nights tak­ing bong hits in his un­der­wear while killing time on Cha­tRoulette. Of course, he’s cer­tainly up for wel­com­ing a woman he meets on the web­site as a house­guest, and dou­bly so for a woman they meet on Craigslist who’s look­ing for a three-way.

The buzz: Ex-Chicago writer-di­rec­tor Joe Swan­berg has steadily im­proved over the years. He started out at a place where he took “mum­blecore” to mean “nu­dity-packed movie about noth­ing” (“Kiss­ing on the Mouth”) and has grown to de­fine the genre in­stead as “qui­etly hon­est look at real re­la­tion- ships” (“Nights and Week­ends”).

The ver­dict: “He used to do tricks with his pe­nis” isn’t re­ally char­ac­ter de­vel­op­ment. Yes, it’s al­ways good to see a movie that treats adults like adults; these char­ac­ters may not have it all fig­ured out, but they’re sex­ual and not ashamed of it. Yet “Un­cle Kent” has only shad­ings of real peo­ple and cir­cles around a point in­stead of mak­ing one. The col­li­sion of lonely hearts seek­ing even brief ful­fill­ment doesn’t achieve much with­out a strong sense of who they are and how they feel about what’s hap­pen­ing.

(Not rated)

Did you know? Kent’s sweat­shirt reads, “In the real world, there are no happy end­ings.” Are you still con­sid-

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