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Stock­ing up in bulk isn’t a great deal for items like per­ish­able food­stuffs. But you can save quite a bit on prod­ucts like toi­let pa­per and laun­dry de­ter­gent by buy­ing in bulk at ware­house clubs or else­where. A Dash but­ton could make it easy to miss out on sav­ings.


Dash but­tons are ideal for peo­ple who are ex­tremely loyal to one brand. Of course, man­u­fac­tur­ers like them for sim­i­lar rea­sons: They help brands stand out on Ama­zon’s site and en­cour­age peo­ple to re­order the same thing over and over again. (Ama­zon cites the ease of re­peated orders as a plus.)

That’s fine if you’ve dis­cov­ered the best pa­per tow­els on Earth and will never will­ingly use any­thing else. But you prob­a­bly won’t be get­ting the best price, ei­ther.

“Deal hun­ters by na­ture are brand ag­nos­tic, and re­tailer ag­nos­tic, and this locks you into both a brand and a re­tailer,” Glaser said.

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