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Glowacz: “Most winter-ad­verse bik­ers fear snow and ice. But for most of winter, Chicago streets are clear. ... Within a day of ma­jor snow­fall, crews usu­ally clear most ma­jor streets.” Fog­a­rty-Yi: “Avoid Ash­land or any busy street that is not meant for bikes. Side streets or clearly marked bike paths are the best. And if it is re­ally bad with the snow, I move to the side­walk or walk my bike to a safer street.” Schuller: “Be aware that the Chicago Park Dis­trict changed their pol­icy and isn’t keep­ing the 606 [trail] as clear as it was last year. The lake­front path is cleared reg­u­larly, but be care­ful on the curve by Oak Street beach be­cause high waves can cre­ate a dan­ger­ous sheet of ice.”

Tips and tricks

Schuller: “If you have to park it out­side, make sure to lock your bike in a place that won’t get hit with dirty wa­ter from cars if it’s too close to the street. At home, you can use an old yoga mat to park your bike on and save your wooden floors. Expect your ride to take longer than it nor­mally takes you ... and also, don’t overdo the lay­ers! The rule of thumb is to be slightly chilly if you are stand­ing out­side so that when you get mov­ing, your body will warm you up.” Fog­a­rty-Yi: “I keep a lower air pres­sure in my tires so they sit a lit­tle more flat. I also carry an emer­gency foil blan­ket in my bike bag in case I get a flat or fall and need to be out in the cold longer than ex­pected.” Preiss­ner: “Rid­ing a sin­gle speed bike in the winter makes good sense—much less to main­tain and a lesser chance of prob­lems.” Glowacz: “After a wet ride, take a rag and give your bike’s chain a good wipe and then spray or drip on bi­cy­cle lube (not WD-40).”

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