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FromMike Biggs ( in “Mike & Molly”) to Dan Con­ner ( in “Roseanne”), TV is loaded with love­able, belt- bulging, big guys. And while we­may find these men­make great com­pany for a half an hour, truth is they’re risk­ing life and limb by car­ry­ing around that front- loaded belly fat.

Fat lodged around your in­ter­nal or­gans is called vis­ceral fat, and it’s clearly im­pli­cated not just in the de­vel­op­ment of heart disease and di­a­betes, but also in many can­cers. That we’ve known for years. What we haven’t known un­til now is ex­actly why deep- dwelling belly fat fu­els can­cer­ous ma­lig­nan­cies.

Now, a study in the jour­nal Onco­gene re­veals that a cer­tain pro­tein ( fi­brob­last growth fac­tor- 2) re­leased in great­est quan­ti­ties from vis­ceral body fat causes non- can­cer­ous cells to turn can­cer­ous! And that’s why body mass in­dex, or BMI, may not be the best in­di­ca­tor of an amped up risk for can­cer. Nor­mal- weight folks with belly fat pump out that pro­tein too.

How to BurnYour Belly Fat

De- stress — The stress hor­mone cor­ti­sol fu­els belly fat de­posits. So, start with mind­ful med­i­ta­tion and then:

— Go for 150 min­utes weekly of ex­tra ac­tiv­ity.

— Elim­i­nate all trans fats, most sat fats and eat five to nine serv­ings of pro­duce and two serv­ings of 100 per­cent whole grains daily.

— Women, tar­get a 35- inch waist; men, 40 inches or less.

That will trim down your risk for can­cer, big time.

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