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Richmond Times-Dispatch Weekend - - OP-ED -


All those in fa­vor of re­plac­ing Congress with Ar­ti­fi­cial In­tel­li­gence say “aye.”

Ken Es­sig­man, Me­chan­icsville

Seems those on the far left are now driv­ing the Demo­cratic Party. Their in­tol­er­ant and boor­ish be­hav­ior is be­com­ing a real threat to main­tain­ing a civil so­ci­ety in Amer­ica.

Ron Dur­rer, New Kent

The dis­grace­ful, re­sist­ing Democrats — along with the col­lud­ing, bi­ased left-wing me­dia par­rots and screech­ing paid pro­test­ers — are ve­he­mently dis­put­ing that the pre­sump­tion of in­no­cence and the rule of law are valid con­cepts in the U.S. to­day. Democrats are now overtly haz­ardous to our democ­racy. Vote Repub­li­can.

Michael J. Mon­tal­bano, Rich­mond

Now that the Democrats’ flir­ta­tion with so­cial­ism has mor­phed into a full-blown ro­mance, it’s ap­pro­pri­ate to re­mem­ber com­mu­nists are sim­ply so­cial­ists in a hurry.

Henry Handy, Mid­loth­ian

The an­tics by pro­test­ers be­fore, dur­ing, and af­ter Jus­tice Brett Ka­vanaugh’s con­fir­ma­tion re­minded me of the tem­per tantrums of my daugh­ter when she was 4 years old. For­tu­nately, she quickly out­grew that stage. But, ap­par­ently, some chil­dren never do.

John Kmec, Ch­ester­field

Many peo­ple are com­plain­ing that the Supreme Court is be­ing tar­nished be­cause Brett Ka­vanaugh has been con­firmed. I be­lieve this is only true in the eyes of those on the left and the “Never Trumpers.” I also be­lieve that this same tar­nish­ing would have been car­ried out re­gard­less of who Trump nom­i­nated — and that we will wit­ness it all again should he have the chance to nom­i­nate an­other jus­tice.

Wil­liam Bal­lard, Colo­nial Heights

There are a mas­sive num­ber of weak-minded lib­er­als out there who blame Pres­i­dent Trump for Hur­ri­cane Florence! I sup­pose that he will also be blamed for Hur­ri­cane Michael. What’s next? How about blam­ing Trump for vol­cano erup­tions and earth­quakes — or maybe cloudy skies in­stead of clear? The scary fact about these weak-minded in­di­vid­u­als is that some of them are ac­tu­ally run­ning for of­fice! Good grief!

What has God wrought to have cre­ated such bone­heads?

Gary Allen,

South Ch­ester­field

Dur­ing the Ka­vanaugh hear­ings, Democrats showed a lot of class — all of it third.

Larry Herbst, Sandy Hook

Thou­sands of years ago, a Jewish teacher named Je­sus taught us to make time to help oth­ers in need. To­day, the world has ha­tred, crime, and ter­ror­ism be­cause mankind did not obey him.

Mor­ton Miles, Wil­liams­burg

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