South is about more than slav­ery

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Did you se­ri­ously pub­lish the Op/Ed col­umn, “No more Con­fed­er­ate non­sense,” writ­ten by a North­erner and den­i­grat­ing the South? In a Richmond news­pa­per? Holier-than-thou colum­nist Richard Meagher uses words like racist, bru­tal, op­pres­sive and big­otry to de­scribe a past he did not ex­pe­ri­ence and sees only through a one-di­men­sional point of view (that of slav­ery).

Be­lieve it or not, the South is about more than slav­ery. My an­ces­tors, like those of many other South­ern­ers who can trace back their her­itage, in­clude may­ors, teach­ers, farm­ers and store own­ers. I am proud to be from Vir­ginia and tired of the po­lit­i­cally cor­rect half of this coun­try telling me what a hor­ri­ble and shame­ful per­son I am for hon­or­ing my past. If the South and its his­tory are so ab­hor­rent to come-heres, per­haps they should live some­where that bet­ter com­ple­ments their moral self-right­eous­ness.

Meagher tells South­ern­ers to move on and for­get the non­sense of the Con­fed­er­acy.

How­ever, Meagher did get one thing right in his ar­ti­cle: the di­vi­sions in our coun­try are worse than ever. MARY BISHOP.


If Trump is com­mit­ted to fully dis­man­tling the Af­ford­able Care Act, the clock be­gins when he is sworn in on Jan­uary 20. But once you start chip­ping away at a law, what do you re­place it with? From what we are see­ing, it ap­pears the Repub­li­cans aren’t in con­sen­sus. In­stead of “re­peal and re­place,” we are talk­ing about “re­peal and de­lay.”

Mean­while, the in­sur­ance sys­tem con­tin­ues to fol­low the full Af­ford­able Care Act. In­sur­ers must soon put to­gether their ini­tial rate fil­ing for 2018, based on cur­rent rules.

In­sur­ance car­ri­ers do not eas­ily em­brace new mod­els. Con­tin­u­ally al­ter­ing their busi­ness op­er­a­tions to fol­low the po­lit­i­cal winds of Wash­ing­ton is not good for busi­ness. It in­creases costs and im­pacts ser­vice to providers and pol­i­cy­hold­ers.

While there are many ques­tions and few an­swers about the fu­ture of health care in Amer­ica, bro­kers re­main on the fore­front of the is­sue. It is our busi­ness to dis­cern what is hap­pen­ing, when it is hap­pen­ing, and to ex­plain the rel­e­vance to our clients. For now, we urge our clients to take a deep breath. We be­lieve no big changes can take place any­time soon. LIND­SEY WA­TERS. RICHMOND.

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