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There is noth­ing funny about the as­sault Ken­tucky Sen. Rand Paul suf­fered at the hands of an irate neigh­bor, which left Paul with bro­ken ribs. But such is the spite­ful tenor of the times that some peo­ple have been mak­ing sport of it nonethe­less.

It’s not clear what drove the neigh­bor, Rene Boucher, to at­tack the sen­a­tor; ru­mor says a land­scap­ing dis­pute caused it, rather than the two men’s starkly dif­fer­ent po­lit­i­cal views. But that hasn’t kept cer­tain com­men­ta­tors from blam­ing the at­tack on — you guessed it — Paul’s po­lit­i­cal views.

Oth­ers have gone even fur­ther. “God knows, if we had a lib­er­tar­ian neigh­bor we’d want to beat them,” cracked Jeet Heer, a writer for The New Repub­lic, on Twit­ter. Jokes about po­lit­i­cal vi­o­lence are es­pe­cially hi­lar­i­ous in today’s en­vi­ron­ment, aren’t they?


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