We must cor­rect own faults first

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Joshua Whit­field does a good thing by re­call­ing Flan­nery O’Con­nor’s thoughts on man made in God’s im­age in his Op/ Ed col­umn, “We are un­will­ing to talk about our freaks.” When we lose sight of our special sta­tus, we be­come blind to things be­yond our­selves. The ideas of a tran­scen­dent uni­ver­sal law and ob­jec­tive truth be­come in­com­pre­hen­si­ble. The risk is the re­duc­tion of mankind to the trousered ape of C. S. Lewis’ “The Abo­li­tion of Man.”

When right­ing wrongs, as Whit­field ad­vo­cates, one should re­mem­ber that Je­sus ad­mon­ished his fol­low­ers to re­move the beam in their own eye be­fore tak­ing the mote out of their brother’s eye. Like­wise, no one will ever be able to cor­rect the evils of the world un­til he has dealt with the evil in his own heart. This is some­thing only Je­sus can do as only He can change the hearts of men. THOMAS J. KUNSITIS.


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