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Ioften see fish­er­men point at an area or spot and say “It looks good over there!” For some­one who is new to the sport, he or she may won­der what it is ex­actly they look­ing. First, you have to re­al­ize that fish live un­der water and not on top of the water.

Part of the learn­ing process for an­glers is their abil­ity to dis­tin­guish be­tween what looks good to them and what the fish may be at­tracted to. You would be amazed at the num­ber of spots that get very lit­tle fish­ing pres­sure be­cause they don’t look like any­thing spe­cial from above. Some of my most prized spots are all by them­selves, where there is no iden­ti­fi­able land­mark.

Of­ten, a strat­egy pro­fes­sional an­glers use is to seek out ar­eas that look the most un­ap­peal­ing. There’s a good chance that the av­er­age an­gler is go­ing to over­look such ar­eas, and if there are fish in the area they’re go­ing to be less re­luc­tant to bite.

Next time you’re out, force your­self to fish ar­eas that don’t look ap­peal­ing to you. By do­ing that you may be sur­prised at what you find.

Delta Re­port Early in the morn­ing, an­glers are do­ing well while fish­ing for bass with top-water lures. Dur­ing the day, an­glers are ei­ther catch­ing them with re­ac­tion baits like Rat­tle Traps or flip­ping heavy cover with sweet beavers.

Bluegills are plen­ti­ful and can be caught just about anywhere while us­ing red worms. I haven’t heard of any striped bass re­ports yet. Dur­ing this time of year, it’s al­ways good to have a rod with a top-water lure tied on just in case a school of striped bass ap­pear.

New Melones Lake Fish­ing for trout has been fair to great. An­glers trolling for trout are get­ting bites be­tween 50 and 75 feet deep. There are a lot of good-sized fish be­ing caught which has been at­tract­ing a lot of an­glers lately. Those trolling for trout are us­ing a va­ri­ety of baits, needle­fish seems to be the fa­vorite bait amongst those an­glers.

Cat­fish­ing re­mains good for an­glers fish­ing cut bait through­out the evening hours around all the lakes recre­ational ar­eas.

Bass fish­ing is fair. There are a lot of bass fol­low­ing the schools of shad found all over the lake. An­glers are us­ing shaky head worms or drop shot rigs through the schools of bait for small lim­its of fish.

Tip of the Week Ever since I had a wheel bear­ing go out on me, I make it a habit to check my wheels at just about ev­ery stop along my way. It’s as easy as feel­ing for ex­ces­sive heat which can be an in­di­ca­tor of a bear­ing that needs to be greased or re­placed.

In my truck’s tool­box, I al­ways keep a grease gun and an emer­gency set of bear­ings just in case.

JAROD BAL­LARDO Fish­ing Colum­nist

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