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Ed­i­tor, Man­teca Bul­letin, Do you hear the sound of war drums, al­beit a bit slowly? That some­what muf­fled toy drum you hear might be com­ing from the writer of Tues­day’s Your View let­ter (“Trump faces dilemma not of his mak­ing”) on Sept. 25. As usual that toy drum is be­ing beaten by a toy sol­dier who is stand­ing be­hind an­other toy sol­dier, Don­ald Trump. I don’t know the ser­vice history of the writer, I would bet he never served in com­bat if he served at all. But I do know Trump took a total of five de­fer­ments so he wouldn’t have to serve. That makes him the small­est Pres­i­den­tial toy sol­dier of all time.

Every­one knows about Trump’s record of lies, he does it on an al­most hourly ba­sis. Af­ter the first 100 days in of­fice, the NY Times pub­lished an en­tire page of Trump lies, and that was only up to July 21. He told a bold face lie ev­ery day for the first 40 Days of his Pres­i­dency. And that’s not count­ing the count­less mis­rep­re­sen­ta­tion of facts, this is what the writer, like his toy sol­dier hero, woe­fully at­tempts to do in his let­ter.

1. The writer claims Clin­ton “. . . gave money to North Korea ($4 bil­lion) . . . North Korea pock­eted bil­lions of Amer­i­can tax dol­lars to ex­pe­dite the same nu­clear pro­gram they promised to dis­man­tle.” Ac­tu­ally that was 500,000 tons of oil. In ex­change the DPRK stopped op­er­at­ing 5 MWe re­ac­tors and aban­doned re­ac­tors un­der con­struc­tion. The oil was for the loss of po­ten­tial nu­clear en­ergy. (The oil de­liv­ery was se­verely de­layed and ul­ti­mately stopped when the Repub­li­can Congress re­fused to com­mit to the treaty which was not re­ally a treaty but sim­ply an agree­ment be­tween the two na­tions.) The DPRK pulled out of the agree­ment af­ter the Repub­li­can Con­gres­sional ac­tion. It took sev­eral years be­fore the DPRK was able to re­sume its nu­clear pro­gram.

2. “. . . the deal made by Clin­ton is now mir­rored by the same deal Pres­i­dent Obama made with Iran . . . in­fus­ing that tot­ter­ing econ­omy with much-needed cash..” Wrong again! This was not only Obama’s “deal”, it ac­tu­ally in­cluded the United States, the United King­dom, Rus­sia, France, and China — plus Ger­many) and the Euro­pean Union. The “cash” was ac­tu­ally the free­ing up of Ira­nian as­sets, monies be­long­ing to Iran and frozen by U.S sanc­tions. This agree­ment is still in force and only in­cludes Iran’s Nu­clear weapons pro­gram, not its par­tic­i­pa­tion in any other ne­far­i­ous ac­tiv­i­ties around the world.

The writer warns of the danger of the DPRK threat of a pos­si­ble war. He fails to men­tion one of the rea­sons for this danger, Trump’s con­stant be­lit­tling of Kim Jong-un, call­ing him “Rocket Man” in a UN speech, warn­ing of re­turn­ing “fire and fury”, “Com­pletely de­stroy­ing North Korea” and just to­day claim­ing we have wasted our time pur­su­ing a peace­ful ap­proach to the DPRK prob­lem. Yes, wast­ing our time with a peace­ful ap­proach.

Our own lit­tle Dr. Strangelove seems to have his own love for “The Bomb” as his lit­tle sol­dier hero, Trump, who once ac­tu­ally said of nu­clear weapons, “If we have them, why can’t we use them?” Here we have two world lead­ers with woe­fully lit­tle ex­pe­ri­ence, with enor­mous egos and ex­tremely thin skin, two spoiled kids fac­ing off with nu­clear weapons in their toy box. We cer­tainly don’t need any­one bang­ing the war drum, even if it is just a toy sol­dier’s drum.

Larry Baca Man­teca

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