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Ed­i­tor, Man­teca Bul­letin, I was puz­zled upon read­ing in Tues­day’s Bul­letin that there is an­other fast food es­tab­lish­ment seek­ing to open up in town. The source of my puz­zle­ment is why Man­teca, which al­ready con­tains a healthy (or is it an un­healthy?) dose of Mc­Don­ald’s, Taco Bells, Jack in the Boxes, etc., would need yet an­other fast food restau­rant, es­pe­cially if it is to be lo­cated among the strip of din­ing es­tab­lish­ments that runs down Yosemite from the High­way 99 en­trance all the way to Cot­tage Av­enue. I say this as some­one who is an em­ployee of Panda Ex­press, a restau­rant some might con­sider fast food.

Now, don’t get me wrong: I love a good burger on reg­u­lar oc­ca­sions as much as the next per­son. Jack in the Box has been a life­saver for me on sev­eral oc­ca­sions when I get the late night munchies after work, and al­most ev­ery other restau­rant is closed. Nor am I deny­ing that any re­spectable busi­ness has a right to open and op­er­ate in Man­teca any­where they like, es­pe­cially if the free mar­ket de­mands it.

How­ever, I wish that our city would spend more time try­ing to at­tract more ca­sual din­ing restau­rants such as Olive Gar­den, Cat­tle­man’s, or Golden Cor­ral. As we all know, our city is grow­ing quickly, and if Man­teca isn’t large enough to ac­com­mo­date those restau­rants today, it will be very soon. An even bet­ter idea would be for our lead­ers to cre­ate a friend­lier en­vi­ron­ment for small busi­ness to flour­ish in Man­teca, so that lo­cal busi­ness own­ers can pro­vide a di­verse and up­scale din­ing en­vi­ron­ment that many of us here in town would love. I would much rather spend my money in a nice restau­rant owned by lo­cal res­i­dents than in a global chain of stores that doesn’t nec­es­sar­ily need my $10 for a burger.

Ul­ti­mately, any fast food restau­rant has the right to open in Man­teca. I can only hope that I’m not alone in say­ing our town has more than enough of those.

David Cush­man Man­teca

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