Ef­fort to over­throw the govern­ment

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Editor, Man­teca Bul­letin, It is ex­cep­tion­ally clear that the Democrats are more in­ter­ested in power than this coun­try or its peo­ple. Since the elec­tion, Democrats, Lib­er­als, and So­cial­ist have been try­ing very hard to over­throw the govern­ment by any means pos­si­ble. They failed to elect Hil­lary Clin­ton, so now they have caused the great­est po­lit­i­cal up­heaval that I have ever ex­pe­ri­enced in my life­time.

Dur­ing the elec­tion, sev­eral groups that were funded by Lib­eral and So­cial­ist bil­lion­aires caused riot when at­tack­ing Trump sup­port­ers. Hil­lary Clin­ton was sup­posed to win by a land­slide, so why were they be­ing so vi­o­lent and vul­gar? His­tory shows that So­cial­ist gov­ern­ments are not de­sired by the many but the few. So­cial­ists need to change the mean­ing of words, con­trol the con­ver­sa­tion, use force, and cheat to gain power.

Trump broke the Left’s hold of speak­ing PC. With PC speak­ing be­ing broke, the Left be­comes an­gry, when oth­ers speak their mind. An­tifa is try­ing to stop all pub­lic dis­course when some­one presents an idea they don’t like, by stat­ing it is hate speech. By their def­i­ni­tion, hate speech is not pro­tected by the con­sti­tu­tion. Look at the vi­o­lence they em­ploy to shut down free speech.

Be­fore Trump was even in­au­gu­rated, the left was call­ing for his im­peach­ment. Dur­ing the in­au­gu­ra­tion, hun­dreds of thou­sands of the Left came out to dis­rupt oth­ers’ right to view the in­au­gu­ra­tion. This in­cluded vi­o­lence, block­ing peo­ple, and protests as though they have the com­plete truth. It’s been a year since Trump was elected. Dur­ing that time, the Left has made an un­told amount of calls for im­peach­ment, ac­tu­ally made the im­peach­ment calls on the floor of the house. The Democrats have made very clear and vo­cal prom­ises to im­pede every item Trump wants to en­act and have acted ac­cord­ingly.

Four Repub­li­cans voted for the shut­down. If the Democrats wanted the Govern­ment to stay open, why did zero Democrats vote to keep the govern­ment opened in­stead of 100% vot­ing to keep the govern­ment closed? The Democrats, Lib­er­als, and So­cial­ist have also made very clear and vo­cal prom­ises to help for­eign na­tion­als long be­fore they help US cit­i­zens. The cost for go­ing to col­lege is very ex­pen­sive. Dream­ers are put ahead of cit­i­zens. They get to pay in-state tu­ition and receive pref­er­en­tial. Amer­i­can cit­i­zens are sec­ond class in our own coun­try. The Left wants to let for­eign­ers have un­fet­tered ac­cess to jobs and wel­fare money while Amer­i­cans don’t get help.

Over the last decade, laws have been writ­ten to the ben­e­fit of il­le­gal aliens to the detri­ment of cit­i­zens. Cal­i­for­nia law for­bids il­le­gal aliens can’t have their car towed in a DUI sit­u­a­tion, while a Amer­i­can’s car can be towed. But the Left still cries for the 14th amend­ment when it’s to their ad­van­tage. Af­ter scream­ing at the top of their lungs, cry­ing to tax the rich, the Coastal Lib­er­als got their wish. Now they are fight­ing to re­scind the Trump tax on ex­pen­sive home mort­gages. Our own Larry Baca lamented that the new tax struc­ture would only amount to $34 a year. If that’s the case, that puts Baca is in the top 5% of in­come and wealth for this coun­try. De­pend­ing on your AGI, the poor and low in­come could end up ow­ing zero taxes, or a cou­ple of thou­sand dol­lars in re­funds.

Trump’s tax plan is bring­ing back cor­po­rate money back into the USA so com­pa­nies can cre­ate high pay­ing man­u­fac­tur­ing jobs. Baca ap­par­ently be­lieves in keep­ing peo­ple poor and un­e­d­u­cated. Go back and reread Baca’s let­ters and un­der­stand how he and the Left twist their com­ments to get you to be­lieve they are look­ing out for your best in­ter­est. Don’t blame me be­cause the Left is not about Amer­i­can be­ing a democ­racy.

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