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This month The Book Ex­change lo­cated at 332 N Main St. in Man­teca will cel­e­brate 23 years in busi­ness. What started over two-decades ago with owner Ch­eryl Lover­ing and her sis­ter opened a tiny one room used book­store with hun­dreds of books has now ex­panded into two huge rooms filled with thou­sands and thou­sands of books. Chat­ting with long time staff mem­ber Elaine I vey, she shares the se­cret as to what makes The Book Ex­change stand out over other book­stores. “If you come in her e, we are go­ing to go out of our wa y to help you. We pro­vide a lot of per­sonal cus­tomer ser­vice. If you are look­ing for some­thing, we help you find it . If we can’t find it, we’ll or­der it. We pro­vide that per­son­al­iza­tion be­cause we just love our cus­tomers.” Adding play­ful to the list of rea­sons the used book­store is a cut above the rest, Elaine says, “We’re much nicer” in which I whole­heart­edly agree. I’ve been ex­chang­ing books at the quaint lit­tle shop for years and have wit­nessed first­hand not only the knowl­edge the staff has of most all the books they carry but their sin­cer­ity to­wards their cus­tomers when help­ing them. At one time ro­mance nov­els were the main at­trac­tion at The Book Ex­change but now ac­cord­ing to staff, teens, twenty-some­thing’s and read­ers in their fifties, which we all know is the new thirty, are en­joy­ing the young adult genre due to the qual­ity of writ­ers.

While the store is best known for their book ex­change pol­icy which al­lows cus­tomers to re­ceive credit for any and all books they bring in, and then have the abil­ity to ap­ply 50% of their credit to­ward used book pur­chases, the store also of­fers up to 20% dis­count on new books along with do­ing spe­cial or­ders for cus­tomers with­out charg­ing ship­ping and han­dling.

In ad­di­tion to pro­vid­ing what the lo­cal high schools need for

their read­ing lists through­out the school year and sum­mer, the store keeps well stocked with books based on re­cent movies, such as the mys­tery/sci­ence fic­tion Maze Run­ner, the award win­ning, Revenant, and the spine tin­gling fan­tasy, Miss Pere­grine’s Home for Pe­cu­liar Chil­dren. In other words, The Book Ex­change of­fers a lit­tle bit of ev­ery­thing.

Tak­ing in 200 to 700 books daily, the store makes ev­ery ef­fort to dis­count their books as much as pos­si­ble to make things af­ford­able for their cus­tomers and when you com­bine that with their qual­ity cus­tomer care, it’s no won­der peo­ple keep com­ing back. Even those peo­ple who are plugged into mod­ern tech­nol­ogy with their Kin­dles and E-read­ers keep com­ing back to The Book Ex­change be­cause as Elaine her­self knows, there is just some­thing spe­cial about hav­ing a real book in your hand, be­ing en­grossed in the story and flip­ping over just one more page to see what hap­pens next.

Elaine ad­mits that she has been flip­ping over pages to see what hap­pens next ever since she was 10 years old and her un­cle Vir­gil gave her Louis L’Amour west­erns.

“You travel so many places and have such a vi­sion in your mind when you read a book. I started read­ing Louis L’Amour west­erns and loved it and I have been an avid reader ever since.”

A strong sup­porter of lo­cal au­thors, the store is open to ar­rang­ing book sign­ing events as well as sell­ing lo­cal au­thors’ books in the store. A few books writ­ten lo­cal au­thors that the presently carry are, the anti-bul­ly­ing book Gla­dys Glasses, writ­ten by Man­teca res­i­dent Harry Pache, Dark­blade and the Se­cret Shadow, writ­ten by Sierra High grad­u­ate, Lawrence Sil­ve­ria as well as the non-fic­tion, When I was a Kid, writ­ten by For­mer Se­quoia School teacher, Thomas Hoskins, which com­pares his child­hood ex­pe­ri­ences grow­ing up in Davis in the 1960s to those of chil­dren to­day.

Sup­port­ing read­ers and writ­ers alike, lov­ing their cus­tomers and go­ing above and be­yond in their cus­tomer care is what has set The Book Ex­change apart for the past two decades and will con­tinue to do so for many years to come.

The Book Ex­change, 332 N. Main Street, Man­teca is open Mon­day through Satur­day from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Sun­day from noon to 4:30 p.m. The phone num­ber is 209/823.2398.


Lois Colvin adds more books to the shelves at The Book Ex­change in Man­teca.


Elaine Ivey looks over The Book Ex­change’s thou­sands of al­pha­bet­ized cards with cus­tomers’ store credit in­for­ma­tion on them.

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