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Delta Re­port:

Early in the morn­ing an­glers are do­ing well while fish­ing for bass with top wa­ter lures. Dur­ing the day an­glers are either catch­ing them with re­ac­tion baits like Rat­tle Traps or flip­ping heavy cover with sweet beavers. Bluegills are plen­ti­ful right now and can be caught just about any­where while us­ing red worms. I haven’t heard of any striped bass re­ports yet, dur­ing this time of year it’s al­ways good to have a rod with a top wa­ter lure tied on just in case a school of striped bass ap­pear.

New Melones Lake:

Trout fish­ing is slow right now on the lake. Night fish­ing un­der a sub­mersible light con­tin­ues to be the best ap­proach for catch­ing trout. Koka­nee fish­ing is also slow right now as they are either spawn­ing or pre­par­ing to spawn. Any day now fish­ing for trout can turn around though as the bait­fish are start­ing to school up in­di­cat­ing that there is a change about to hap­pen. Cat­fish­ing re­mains good for an­glers fish­ing cut bait through­out the evening hours around all the lake’s recre­ational ar­eas. Bass fish­ing is fair right now; there are a lot of bass fol­low­ing the schools of shad found all over the lake. An­glers are us­ing shaky head worms or drop shot rigs through the schools of bait for small lim­its of fish.

Tip of the Week:

Late sum­mer is an in­ter­est­ing time of the year; you’d be sur­prised at what works this time of year. As far as bait se­lec­tion, don’t be afraid to try some­thing new or some­thing a lit­tle out of the or­di­nary. I’ve had some great times fish­ing this time of year while us­ing non­tra­di­tional baits. While ev­ery­one seems to be toss­ing the same thing try some­thing dif­fer­ent, you may be sur­prised at what you catch.


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