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No mat­ter what kind of events you have on your so­cial cal­en­dar, you can pop up de­li­cious treats that are sure to be a hit. Whether host­ing a get-to­gether for the guys and tun­ing into the game or hav­ing a night in with the girls, freshly popped pop­corn, which is nat­u­rally low in fat and calo­ries, non-GMO and gluten free, can help you please ev­ery palate.

Sweet, spicy, salty or served in more non-tra­di­tional ways, the pos­si­bil­i­ties are end­less, and per­fect for ev­ery­thing from date night to a fam­ily movie night or even a sleep­over or kids’ party. And since it’s healthy and whole grain, pop­corn is a sat­is­fy­ing snack suit­able for ev­ery oc­ca­sion that you can feel good about serv­ing.

Find more ver­sa­tile, nutri­tious recipes for your next event at pop­

Pop­corn and Peanut Truf­fles

Yield: About 30 pieces

6 cups popped pop­corn

1 cup roasted and salted peanuts

1 pack­age (12 ounces) semisweet choco­late chips

1/2 cup honey

In large bowl, stir pop­corn and peanuts to­gether; set aside.

In mi­crowave-safe bowl, heat choco­late chips 10 sec­onds. Stir chips and re­peat, stir­ring af­ter each 10 sec­onds, un­til chips are melted. Warm honey in mi­crowave 10 sec­onds and stir into choco­late un­til well blended.

Pour choco­late mix­ture over pop­corn mix­ture and stir un­til pop­corn is evenly coated. With small ice cream scoop, push pop­corn mix­ture into scoop and re­lease onto wax pa­per to form truf­fles. Re­frig­er­ate un­til firm.

Truf­fles can be stored in an air­tight con­tainer up to 5 days. Note:

Toasted Co­conut and Choco­late Pop­corn

Yield: 10 cups

10 cups popped pop­corn

2 ta­ble­spoons but­ter or mar­garine

2 ta­ble­spoons light brown sugar

1/2 tea­spoon co­conut ex­tract (op­tional)

1 cup choco­late chips

1 tea­spoon veg­etable oil

1 bag (7 ounces) shred­ded co­conut, toasted

Place pop­corn in large bowl; set aside.

In small saucepan, com­bine but­ter, brown sugar and co­conut ex­tract; stir un­til melted and com­bined.

Pour over pop­corn, coat­ing well. Spread pop­corn onto large cookie sheet.

In glass mea­sur­ing cup, melt choco­late chips and veg­etable oil in mi­crowave on low heat un­til smooth. Driz­zle over pop­corn. Im­me­di­ately sprin­kle co­conut over pop­corn mix­ture; cool.

Break into pieces and serve.

Cook­ies ’N Cream Pop­corn

Yield: 12 cups

12 cups popped pop­corn 1 pack­age (11 ounces) white choco­late chips 2 tea­spoons co­conut oil 15 Oreo cook­ies, coarsely chopped

Place pop­corn in large bowl; set aside.

In medium saucepan on low heat, melt choco­late chips and co­conut oil; stir un­til blended.

Pour melted choco­late over pop­corn, stir­ring un­til well­coated. Stir in chopped Oreos.

Spread mix­ture on bak­ing sheet and chill un­til choco­late has set. Break into pieces to serve.

Pop­corn Party Pizza

Yield: 8 slices

3 ta­ble­spoons but­ter

1 bag (10.5 ounces) mini marsh­mal­lows

2 quarts popped pop­corn

1 tube (.68 ounces) red pip­ing gel

1 pack­age red rasp­berry fruit roll-ups

green jelly beans


candy-coated choco­late pieces

Spray 12-inch pizza pan with cook­ing spray; set aside. In large saucepan over medium heat, heat but­ter. Stir in marsh­mal­lows un­til melted. Stir in pop­corn un­til well coated. Spread mix­ture evenly onto pre­pared pizza pan. Driz­zle red pip­ing gel over “pizza” to make “sauce.” Cut small circles (about 1 1/4 inches in di­am­e­ter) from fruit roll-up and place on pizza for “pep­per­oni” slices.

Dec­o­rate as de­sired with jelly beans, co­conut and can­dies. Al­low to cool com­pletely be­fore cut­ting into wedges to serve.

Cheesy Pep­per­oni Pop­corn

Yield: 6-8 cups

1/4 cup non­fat Parme­san cheese

2 tea­spoons gar­lic pow­der

1/4 tea­spoon dried oregano

1/4 tea­spoon dried mar­jo­ram leaves

1/4 tea­spoon dried basil leaves

1/8 tea­spoon dried sage black pep­per, to taste

12 cups popped pop­corn

3/4 cup tur­key pep­per­oni, cut into bite-size bits

olive oil cook­ing spray

In small bowl, com­bine Parme­san cheese, gar­lic pow­der, oregano, mar­jo­ram, basil, sage and pep­per; mix well.

Place cooked pop­corn and tur­key pep­per­oni in large bowl; spray lightly with cook­ing spray.

Sprin­kle pop­corn and pep­per­oni with cheese mix­ture and toss to coat evenly.

Cook­ies ’N Cream Pop­corn

Pop­corn Party Pizza

Cheesy Pep­per­oni Pop­corn

Toasted Co­conut and Choco­late Pop­corn

Pop­corn and Peanut Truf­fles

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