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Fight The Wa­ter Grab Dear Ed­i­tor,

Af­ter eight long years, we are see­ing busi­nesses hire work­ers and the over­all econ­omy boost to a level not seen in quite some time. How­ever, the state wa­ter grab has the po­ten­tial to erase the progress this Val­ley has made and will threaten our very ex­is­tence. With the eco­nomic im­pacts pre­dicted to be al­most a bil­lion dol­lars and the loss of pos­si­bly 5,000 jobs it is im­per­a­tive to do ev­ery­thing we can to pro­tect our wa­ter. While his op­po­nent plays pol­i­tics with this dire is­sue, Con­gress­man Jeff Den­ham is a farmer and un­der­stands how dam­ag­ing these fig­ures will ac­tu­ally be. He’s stepped up to the plate and two of his amend­ments that will pro­tect our wa­ter have passed the House. The num­bers make it clear. We need Den­ham in Congress now more than ever.

Kevin Fox

Zinke No Friend Dear Ed­i­tor,

Sec. Zinke (U.S. Sec­re­tary of the In­te­rior Ryan Zinke) vis­ited two reser­voirs in our Val­ley, at the re­quest of Rep. Den­ham on July 20. I guess he needed an­other photo op. Sen. Zinke is the same sec­re­tary that hired a com­pany to fix the Puerto Rico en­ergy grid af­ter the last hur­ri­cane, from his own home­town. We all know how that didn’t get fixed. Zinke is sort of like the ca­nary the min­ers used to take un­der­ground with them. If the ca­nary died, the air was bad and they left. In Zinke’s case, if he shows an in­ter­est in your area, keep a sharp eye on your air and wa­ter qual­ity that keeps us liv­ing and healthy. He is no­tably bad for peo­ple, but great for big money.

This is just one more rea­son to vote Den­ham out. In­stead of an ex­pert on wa­ter, he brings in a know noth­ing per­son with a ti­tle who seems to have no val­ues ex­cept money.

This Novem­ber elec­tion, please vote for a per­son who will do right by you and me. Vote for Josh Harder. Enough is enough.

Diane Kroeze

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