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with El­iz­a­beth Joyce


It’s time for travel and a great adventure. Your new ex­pe­ri­ence might just in­clude a lovely new ad­mirer with a ter­rific ac­cent, so if you’re sin­gle, keep an ear out. Ex­pect a turn­ing point in your ca­reer at month’s end. Fe­bru­ary brings luck in the air. If you plan to gamble, make sure you are con­ser­va­tive and don’t bet the ranch. Leap year’s 29th date brings a fab­u­lous new job op­por­tu­nity—truly a once-in-a-life­time op­por­tu­nity.


Happy New Year, Taurus, be­cause early on in Jan­uary an in­vi­ta­tion could come out of the blue—an op­por­tu­nity for ro­mance and adventure. You’re about to be treated to an ex­pe­ri­ence you will never for­get. Don’t even think about re­fus­ing. Fe­bru­ary brings you some un­be­liev­able good luck. Pos­si­ble scenes in­clude flow­ers, Cham­pagne, choco­late and an overnight stay at a five-star ho­tel—with a hot tub, of course. If fi­nances present a prob­lem, get some pro­fes­sional ad­vice and know that it won’t be that way for long.


As Jan­uary opens don’t plan on get­ting much rest, Gemini. For­tu­nately, you don’t need much and don’t mind yawn­ing if the prior evening was worth it. You may feel gen­er­ous with your fi­nances, but if you need some guid­ance, help is not far off. Ex­pect some tricky and mixed feel­ings with love re­la­tion­ships. Fe­bru­ary brings classes for you to learn and im­prove in your pro­fes­sion. Com­put­ers may be in­volved, so en­joy your­self. If you’re miss­ing some­one who is far away, you may plan a trip to visit soon.


As Jan­uary opens, you sin­gles will want to get out there and start look­ing. Deal­ing with joint fi­nances will keep you on your toes. Be ready for any sur­prises and nec­es­sary read­just­ments. Some­one dear to you may not like the time you spend on the job. Fe­bru­ary brings sev­eral peo­ple who would like to get to know you a lot bet­ter. You may need to work out a joint fi­nan­cial mat­ter, es­pe­cially if a new lover plans to move in. Be care­ful of over­spend­ing.


Happy New Year, Leo, and how you love to party. You’ll con­tinue in your play­ful mood through most of Jan­uary. Some­one you haven’t seen in a long time may give you a jin­gle or send a text. Be­cause Mer­cury is retrograde through Jan­uary 25, how­ever, cir­cum­stances may keep you apart un­til next month. Fe­bru­ary and Valen­tine’s Day is the per­fect time to re­con­nect with an old pal. A few fi­nan­cial good­ies come your way around Fe­bru­ary 9. Com­mu­ni­ca­tion and con­fu­sion hap­pen at month’s end. Don’t get frus­trated; go out and take a walk. Calm down and get more per­spec­tive.


Around Jan­uary 8 an old lover could re­turn ask­ing for a sec­ond chance. Bet­ter think long and hard. Is this what you re­ally want? Have you been able to work through the old prob­lems? Go slow and find out. If you buy a lot­tery ticket, play the same num­bers you al­ways use. Who knows? You could be a win­ner around Jan­uary 27. You may not re­lax much in Fe­bru­ary, but you will cer­tainly be amused and en­ter­tained. A wind­fall could be at your doorstep around the 6th; how­ever, there will be dis­cus­sions about where it came from and how it all hap­pened.


It’s quite tur­bu­lent for you Li­bras as Jan­uary opens. You won’t get a break un­til around the 12th. Pre­pare to meet some­one new and dif­fer­ent mid-month, Libra. This could be un­usual and love at first sight. Fi­nances are con­fus­ing all month, so hold off on big pur­chases and don’t sign any­thing bind­ing. It’s leap year and Fe­bru­ary brings the rare day of the 29th. This is an eas­ier month for you, and per­haps even mem­o­rable.


As Jan­uary opens, the bat­tles be­gin. You may not ac­tu­ally ar­gue, but your en­coun­ters prom­ise to be lively and quite pas­sion­ate. You could get mad once or twice, but there’s noth­ing like the af­ter-vent­ing stage. Watch your money, as you could be more gen­er­ous than your pock­et­book al­lows. Fe­bru­ary brings a need to es­cape to a warm is­land some­where. Wa­ter is your el­e­ment and it has al­ways soothed you. If you’ve been think­ing of adding a room or en­larg­ing and re­dec­o­rat­ing your home of­fice, now is a great time to be­gin.


You may not have much time to re­lax in Jan­uary, Sag, be­cause you want to be out play­ing and hav­ing fun. Your so­cial cal­en­dar prom­ises to be full. New friends come your way, and, yes, they prob­a­bly have ac­cents and love trop­i­cal mu­sic. If you’re ne­go­ti­at­ing for a loan or try­ing to work out an in­her­i­tance, bet­ter wait till the end of the month. Mer­cury is retrograde through Jan­uary 25, adding com­pli­ca­tions. Fe­bru­ary can turn ul­tra-sexy, but you could keep your new love se­cret un­til March. You could find a fi­nan­cial plan well within your reach, which is just what you need to move for­ward in busi­ness.


Ur­gent busi­ness of ei­ther a pro­fes­sional or fam­ily-ori­ented na­ture comes with the New Year, Cap. You may not have the chance to let ev­ery­one know be­fore you leave. If you have not been very nice about want­ing to pay back a debt, this may be the month you sense it’s high time to do so. Only you may know the rea­son why. In Fe­bru­ary there is noth­ing bet­ter in your mind than when a plan comes to­gether ex­actly as you pic­tured it. Don’t get too at­tached to your sched­ule be­cause plans can change sud­denly mid-month. If you have fi­nan­cial is­sues, your at­ti­tude of “just the facts, ma’am” is the way to set­tle them.


Happy New Year, Aquarius. If you’re ready to do some trav­el­ing, get your bags packed. You won’t be lonely. You may at­tract some­one from out of state to join you. Ex­pect some sur­pris­ing news (good) around the 25th. Fe­bru­ary brings you more sur­prises, and you are very fond of the un­pre­dictable, Aquarius. You may feel at­tracted to some­one from the other coast, or another state. If that per­son feels the same way, things will move very fast. You may be in­spired to set­tle down, a lit­tle, for now.


Jan­uary brings fun, shared with that some­one spe­cial. A trip or far-away jour­ney is on the hori­zon. You are lucky with pro­mot­ing your­self on the job. Bonuses and raises are pos­si­ble now. The light shines on a fi­nan­cial mat­ter that has been prob­lem­atic of late. Very likely, things will set­tle and go well. Fe­bru­ary brings more ad­mir­ers and ad­ven­tures. If some­one else has been man­ag­ing your money, you’d best take charge of the sit­u­a­tion. Ev­ery­thing works out by month’s end.

El­iz­a­beth Joyce is one of the very few psy­chics world­wide that picked up on the Haitian and Philip­pines earth­quakes and the Twin Tow­ers tragedy in New York City. Thou­sands of peo­ple have wit­nessed her psy­chic pow­ers on TV shows such as Un­solved Mys­ter­ies, Be­yond Chance and The Psy­chic De­tec­tives, as well as CNN News. She is a fre­quent guest on ra­dio shows across the coun­try. Her seven books are avail­able to or­der on­line. Check her web­site (newvi­ for rates and ser­vices. For an ap­point­ment, call 215-996-0646.

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