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Q: I store my small sail­boat in an open space un­der a roof. Mice have chewed up the ex­ist­ing foam flota­tion as ev­i­denced by the pile of chewed up foam on the floor. I need to re­place the foam, but don't want a re

cur­rence. It does not seem pos­si­ble to keep the mice out, so I have to find some­thing they can­not de­stroy. I could spray, pour or put blocks cut to size in the space, but what to use? I un­der­stand that spray foam is avail­able, but I have heard it’s not too ef­fec­tive. I was think­ing of cov­er­ing any foam with 1/4in hard­ware cloth or epoxy resin. I hear about closed-cell and epoxy foams, but don’t know much about them. Lou Kosko, sail­mail@sail­magazine.com

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