Sail With­out Bound­aries


Seaward Ya¸hts verti¸ally re­tra¸ting keel boats ¸om­bine qual­ity ¸on­stru¸tion, ¸lassi¸ lines and spa¸ious a¸¸om­mo­da­tions with the abil­ity to vary the keel depth for in¸reased per­for­man¸e and shal­low wa­ter ¸apa­bil­ity. With keels fully re­tra¸ted, our boats ¸an put their bows on a quiet bea¸h and be eas­ily trail­ered. Seaward Sail­boats have been built for more than 40 years and to­day, are ¸on­stru¸ted by the ex­pe­rien¸ed ¸rafts­man at the Is­land Pa¸ket fa¸tory in Largo, FL, thus, you ¸an be as­sured of the qual­ity and war­ranty that ¸omes with ea¸h ves­sel. The unique de­sign of the Seaward keel and rud­der sys­tem along with un¸om­pro­mis­ing qual­ity of the Is­land Pa¸ket ¸on­stru¸tion truly èèôıĒ ijôĝ ę×Á ¸ôîľ½Áî¸Á î½ ÒĎÁÁ½ôí ęô SAIL WITH­OUT BOUND­ARIES!

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