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I have a lot in com­mon with Mr. and Mrs. Sul­li­van who pon­dered whether to put a furler or down­haul on their Light­ning in Ask SAIL (July 2017), as we’re both from Con­necti­cut and own small boats on moor­ings, with no aux­il­iary power. I my­self went with the down­haul. I have the added chal­lenge of sin­gle-hand­ing a lot of these moor­ing grabs, un­com­fort­ably close to a train bridge. I’ve set up a piece of line a few feet long with a loop in one end and a brass spring clip on the other. Be­fore I cast off, I put it on the front cleat and run it back around the shroud and into the cock­pit so that, when I’m ap­proach­ing the moor­ing, I can grab the moor­ing along­side and clip the line to it. The boat set­tles back onto the moor­ing while I take the sails down and then, once things have set­tled down a lit­tle, I can go for­ward and pull on this line, bring the moor­ing to me, and tie up prop­erly. – Mark Makuch, Willing­ton, CT

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