SAIL - - Letters - – Mark Kap­peler, Bos­ton, MA

Dock lines creak, groan and chafe be­cause they stretch, and when they rub against a cleat or chock the re­sult is a bunch of noise. To fix this I made some Dyneema loops and at­tached them from my dock­lines through the chocks and to the cleats. Since the Dyneema has al­most zero stretch, there is no move­ment at the cleats and chocks, and it elim­i­nates the dock line noise. For ex­am­ple, a 1/2in dock line with a break­ing strength of 8,000lb can be paired with a 1/4in Dyneema loop with a break­ing strength of 9,700lb. *Use only short lengths so as not to re­duce the dock line’s abil­ity to ab­sorb shock. *The Dyneema does not hold when tied with a nor­mal cleat hitch so check to make sure your knots will hold!

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