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You need a high cur­rent in­rush to crank an en­gine. This is spec­i­fied by a bat­tery rat­ing known as the Cold Crank­ing Amps (CCA—not to be con­fused with an­other rat­ing known as Ma­rine Crank­ing Amps, or MCA). So long as a bat­tery has a CCA rat­ing (it will be on the la­bel on the bat­tery) at least as great as that re­quired to crank the en­gine (this will be given in the en­gine man­ual) it doesn’t mat­ter what type of bat­tery it is (crank­ing, deep-cy­cle or what­ever). In gen­eral, for a given size a deep-cy­cle bat­tery will have a lower CCA rat­ing than a crank­ing bat­tery, so a larger deep-cy­cle bat­tery will be needed to get the de­sired CCA rat­ing. So, no, there is no real ad­van­tage to go­ing to a “du­alpur­pose” bat­tery if your ex­ist­ing deep-cy­cle bat­tery is ad­e­quate to crank your en­gine. On the other hand, if you need to use your crank­ing bat­tery in emer­gency house ser­vice, the deep-cy­cle bat­tery will stand up to the cy­cling ap­pli­ca­tion bet­ter than the dual-pur­pose model. s

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