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Yes. A start­ing bat­tery may de­liver hun­dreds of amps over a short pe­riod of time com­ing off the outer sur­face of mul­ti­ple plates. But a deep-cy­cle bat- tery, to keep your elec­tron­ics run­ning for a long pe­riod of time, will have thicker plates to con­tinue to power your cir­cuits over a longer pe­riod of time than the start­ing bat­tery. Bat­tery ex­pert Don Ross re­ports, “A deep-cy­cle bat­tery may be used for en­gine start­ing, but a start­ing bat­tery should not be used for reg­u­lar con­tin­u­ous deep-cy­cle ap­pli­ca­tions.” So, go with a heavy deep-cy­cle bat­tery, and you will be set for both start­ing and run­ning your elec­tron­ics for the re­gatta. As you are do­ing so, keep an eye on the volt me­ter, and when you get down to 12.2 volts DC, fire up the en­gine for a fast recharge.

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