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Stack­able blocks, elec­tric mo­tors and more


Here’s a nice idea from fiber rig­ging spe­cial­ists Col­ligo Ma­rine. Stack­ers are light­weight but strong static blocks—no mov­ing parts—with in­te­grated becket, that can be “stacked” to­gether to form pur­chases of up to 5:1. They’re de­signed for slip­pery Dyneema-type lines and for ap­pli­ca­tions that don’t re­quire high-tech roller or ball-bear­ing blocks. Stack­ers can be used singly with soft shack­les or spliced into lines, for in­stance a run­ning back­stay or in­ner forestay, or lashed to­gether for mul­ti­ple-part pur­chases. Avail­able for 6mm, 9mm or 14mm line. From $39. Col­ligo ma­rine, col­ligo­ma­


If there’s one thing that ru­ins a great day on the wa­ter, it’s a fouled pro­pel­ler. At best it’ll hold you up while you take an icy swim to free your prop; at worst, your run­ning gear could be badly dam­aged. Wise cruis­ers guard against such sce­nar­ios by in­stalling a line cut­ter like the lat­est-model Shaft Shark. Bristling with even more ra­zor-sharp ser­rated teeth than its pre­de­ces­sor, the two-piece line cut­ter is eas­ily at­tached to your prop shaft just ahead of the pro­pel­ler, where it’ll make short work of ropes or weed. It’s avail­able in a num­ber of sizes to suit most shaft and prop hub di­am­e­ters; there is also a saildrive model. From $380. AB Ma­rine, ab­ma­


You’re fast asleep in a snug an­chor­age, fore­hatch open to catch the breeze, when you’re rudely awak­ened by a sneaky rain squall. Now you’re not only awake and wet, you’re swel­ter­ing with the hatch closed. Sucks, right? That’s why ATN came up with the Dor­cap, an all-weather wind­scoop de­signed to keep the air fun­nel­ing through your an­chored boat while also keep­ing the wa­ter out. Not only that, it acts as a sun­shade, keep­ing your cabin cooler in the day­time. Made from Sun­brella, it comes in three sizes and a va­ri­ety of col­ors and is eas­ily fit­ted to just about any boat. From $275. ATN Inc. at­

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