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Light-Air Sail­ing by Ru­pert Holmes (June 2018) was a very in­for­ma­tive ar­ti­cle. The sec­tion on sail shape and trim is es­pe­cially good. I think one mi­nor but im­por­tant point was left out. Never just hand-hold a sheet, no mat­ter how light the wind. Al­ways use at least one turn around a cleat or winch drum. The ex­pla­na­tion is well grounded in the science of ki­netic en­ergy and mo­men­tum trans­fer be­tween the air and sails, and the way air at­taches to and flows around the sails. Good job from a SAIL mag­a­zine sub­scriber since 1983.

— Bruce Krohn, Los Lu­nas, NM

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