SAIL - - On Deck Anchoring -

Some boats sail around their an­chors much more than oth­ers, a ten­dency ex­ac­er­bated if you have rope rather than chain rode and when the wind op­poses the cur­rent. As the breeze gets up and the boat hunts from one side of the an­chor to the other un­til she brings up hard, there is a pos­si­bil­ity that at the end of one of these surges she will snatch the an­chor out of the sea bed. Try lash­ing your kedge to the main an­chor rode and lower it un­til it is just off the bot­tom. This will act as a kel­let and con­sid­er­ably dampen the boat’s de­sire to dance around. Be warned, though, that it will also dam­age del­i­cate sea beds should it touch bot­tom, so don’t do it in coral. If low­ered too far it may also hook bot­tom ob­struc­tions or per­haps a neigh­bor’s an­chor chain, which will not make you pop­u­lar, so it’s best tried in lonely an­chor­ages.

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