SAIL - - On Deck Anchoring -

In har­bors with lim­ited tidal range and/ ll"ME-2, or steeply shelv­ing bot­toms. why not drop the kedge over the stern as you nose up to shore un­til you are close enough to take a line to a tree or a rock with a dinghy, or swim it ashore? Winch the kedge rode in and ad­just the shore line un­til you're happy with your po­si­tion. In the tide­less Baltic, the Scandi-na­vians have their bows just about touch­ing the shore. I've also done this in the Med and the Pa­cific North­west. I like to go in bow first so as not to risk dam­ag­ing the rud­der should the bot­tom shoal sud­denly.

2. 3. 1. Bow line made fast to sturdy tree or rock ashore Boat bal­anced be­tween kedge and shore line Kedge dropped over tran­som as you ap­proach shore.

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