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• The fridge should not be in­stalled near to the en­gine or stove.

• In­stalling it be­low the wa­ter­line will im­prove per­for­mance as the am­bi­ent tem­per­a­ture will be lower.

• All in­su­la­tion should be closed-cell polyurethane foam and def­i­nitely not ex­panded poly­styrene, which isn’t dense enough and ab­sorbs mois­ture.

• Ide­ally the lid should have a dou­ble seal, one top and one bot­tom.

• Never leave an open drain at the bot­tom as the cold air will seep out.

• If you in­stall an air­cooled com­pres­sor in a locker it should have a free-flow of air, prefer­ably fan-as­sisted.

• Com­pres­sors can draw up to 10 amps at startup and 4 to 5 amps con­tin­u­ously, so the cor­rect size power cable is im­por­tant. Too small and it will re­duce the volt­age reach­ing the com­pres­sor, no­tice­ably re­duc­ing its ef­fi­ciency.

• Keep the fridge full and open it as lit­tle as pos­si­ble.

• Re­move any card­board pack­ag­ing from the food as this will re­tain heat.

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