Dusky Sharks the Fo­cus of Fish­eries Man­age­ment

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The Na­tional Marine Fish­eries Ser­vice is tak­ing new mea­sures to end the over­fish­ing of dusky sharks.

NMFS an­nounced its fi­nal rule to im­ple­ment Amend­ment 5b to the 2006 Con­sol­i­dated At­lantic Highly Mi­gra­tory Species (HMS) Fish­ery Man­age­ment Plan (FMP), with a range of mea­sures af­fect­ing both com­mer­cial fish­ing and re­cre­ational an­gling.

Ef­fec­tive Jan­uary 1, 2018, an­glers should take these changes into ac­count: All HMS per­mit hold­ers fish­ing for sharks recre­ation­ally must ob­tain a shark en­dorse­ment, which re­quires com­ple­tion of an on­line shark iden­ti­fi­ca­tion and fish­ing reg­u­la­tion train­ing course, plus ad­di­tional re­cre­ational fish­eries out­reach. Un­less fish­ing with flies or ar­ti­fi­cial lures, all HMS per­mit hold­ers with a shark en­dorse­ment must use non-off­set, non-stain­less-steel cir­cle hooks when fish­ing for sharks south of 41° 43' N lat­i­tude (near Chatham, Mas­sachusetts, the north­ern ex­tent of dusky shark’s U.S. At­lantic range).

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