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Mar­inco, Op­tima, West Marine and NOCO are popular brands of por­ta­ble marine charg­ers. Most still in­cor­po­rate al­li­ga­tor clamps, but many are shock- and wa­ter­proof, au­to­matic, fea­ture over­load and po­lar­ity pro­tec­tion, and spark­free hook-up. They, how­ever, re­quire you to in­di­vid­u­ally charge ev­ery bat­tery. Smart charg­ers can tell the dif­fer­ence be­tween bat­tery types, but oth­ers re­quire man­ual set­tings for gel, lead-acid, and AGM bat­ter­ies. AGMS re­quire dif­fer­ent volt­ages, but if a charger lacks the AGM set­ting, use the lead-acid set­ting. Pro­mariner, Mar­inco, Dual Pro, Minn Kota and oth­ers of­fer fully au­to­matic, three-stage on­board charg­ers that are vi­bra­tion-, shockand wa­ter­proof, and de­signed to dis­tin­guish be­tween Wet Cell, AGM and gel bat­ter­ies to recharge and main­tain them at the proper volt­age. You’ll pay two to four times the cost of a por­ta­ble charger for top plug-it-and-for­getit mod­els with two-, three­and four-bank con­fig­u­ra­tions, which af­ford you the time sav­ings and con­ve­nience of charg­ing mul­ti­ple bat­ter­ies at once.

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