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Saltwater Sportsman - - Top Shot -

North­east bluefin and yel­lowfin tuna ROD: Penn Car­nage CARBWII medium-heavy, 51⁄ 2to 6-foot, 50- to 80-class heavy stand-up rods REEL: Shi­mano Stella 20000, Van Staal VSB250/VM275, Shi­mano Ti­a­gra 50W LURES: For cast­ing: Shi­mano Orca, Wil­liamson Pop­per Pro, Yo-zuri Bull Pop­per, Yo-zuri Slider; for jig­ging: Wil­liamson Ben­thos jigs, Shi­mano But­ter­fly jigs; for trolling: Reel Seat squid spreader bars, Ilan­der lures, Joe Shute skirts on bal­ly­hoo, daisy chains, cedar plugs LINE: 65- to 80-pound braid, 40- to 100-pound fluoro­car­bon leader HOOKS: 3/0 to 6/0 Ga­makatsu live­bait tuna hooks, or equiv­a­lent J-style hooks CLOSE BY: Yellowfins now run closer to the Jersey coast than ever.

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