Self-clean­ing Fil­let Ta­ble SWS STAFF

Wash away blood and slime while you clean fish with this sim­ple ad­di­tion to any fil­let ta­ble.

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1. Mea­sure the height of the fil­let ta­ble, cut PVC pipe the same length, cut it in half, and ce­ment an el­bow to one end of both pieces.

2. Ce­ment PVC hose el­bow to the other end of one of the pipe pieces, off­set 90 degrees to the el­bow al­ready in place.

3. Cut a sec­tion of pipe 1 inch shorter than the depth of the ta­ble, cut it in half, and ce­ment the ball valve be­tween the two halves.

4. Lay all three sections flat on the ground, and as­sem­ble and ce­ment so pip­ing will run up from the hose con­nec­tor back through the valve to the rear of the ta­ble, then up to the top.

5. Line up the PVC struc­ture with the ta­ble legs

and cut a hole in the table­top for the feeder pipe to pass through. Fas­ten the PVC to the ta­ble legs with hose clamps.

6. Cut a pipe 2 or 3 inches wider than the table­top. Drill 1⁄4- inch holes, spaced 3 or 4 inches apart, along the length of the pipe and cap one end. Lay the pipe across the ta­ble to line up with the feeder pipe to lo­cate a 1 1⁄8- inch hole on the left side.

7. Pass the long pipe through the side hole and ce­ment it to the feeder pipe with the re­main­ing el­bow, with the seep holes fac­ing down and across the table­top.

8. Run a gar­den hose to the con­nec­tor and get to fil­let­ing.

6 7 3 5 1 2

For proper drainage, make sure your fil­let ta­ble slants slightly to­ward the rear.

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