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The Light­house

3 soft­ware up­grades Ray

ma­rine’s es and gs se­ries MFDS cur­rently run­ning Light­house 2. This up­date al­lows es and gs model in­te­gra­tion with the newer Ax­iom and Ax­iom Pro MFDS. When con­nected to­gether, the es and gs se­ries work seam­lessly in the net­work with Ax­iom prod­ucts. Ax­iom’s Realvi­sion 3D sonar will be fully ac­ces­si­ble on the

older mod­els, and con­versely, any sonar ca­pa­bil­i­ties in those MFDS are vis­i­ble and con­trol­lable from Ax­iom. The vi­su­als are new and fresh, and the lay­out in­tu­itive. Soft­ware up­grade is free; ray­ma­rine.com

Fu­runo ex­pands its fam­ily of solid­state Doppler radars with the


open-ar­ray se­ries. Three avail­able ar­rays in­clude scan­ners mea­sur­ing 40.8, 49.4 and 70.7 inches. The DRS6A-NXT fea­tures Fu­runo’s Tar­get An­a­lyzer with solid-state pulse-com­pres­sion Doppler tech­nol­ogy to iden­tify ap­proach­ing tar­gets in red and safe tar­gets in green. The Fast Tar­get Track­ing and Auto Tar­get Ac­quire fea­tures mon­i­tor re­turns with a tar­get vec­tor and echo trail. The Rez­boost beam-sharp­en­ing fea­ture boosts res­o­lu­tion. Bird Mode iden­ti­fies dis­tant bird ac­tiv­ity that spells fish. $5,400 for DRS6A-NXT plus an­tenna; fu­runousa.com

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