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Be­ing first for a team or an in­di­vid­ual is dif­fi­cult.

The U.S. team re­cently gave it a good try at the 2018 event in Ba­tumi, Ge­or­gia, where the U.S. tied for first place with Rus­sia and China.

But their streak of luck ended when tiebreak­ers re­sulted in a sole first place for China, leav­ing the U.S. in sec­ond and Rus­sia in third place. China also won the women’s event, adding to their grow­ing dom­i­nance on the world chess scene.

What’s next in 2020? Clearly the ten­sion is build­ing for these two ri­vals. Only weeks away is the 12-game world cham­pi­onship match between Mag­nus Carlsen and chal­lenger Fabi­ano Caru­ana.

Can Carlsen win his fourth ti­tle match in a row?

He is clearly de­ter­mined — rest­ing him­self for the event by skip­ping the Olympiad.

Can he work his un­usual magic or is his dom­i­nance an il­lu­sion?

It is with height­ened ex­cite­ment that this writer waits for the the event to un­fold.

Be­low is a blitz win by Hikaru Naka­mura against Zaven An­dri­asian from the PRO Chess League All Stars. An­dri­asian Naka­mura

1 e4 e5

2. Nf3 Nc6

3. Bc4 Bc5

4. d3 Nf6

5. O-O d6

6. N(b)d2 a6

Begin­ner’s Cor­ner so­lu­tion: 1. Qxf5ch Ke7 2. Qf7 mate.

7. c3

8. Bb3

9. h3

10. Re1

11. Nf1

12. N3h2

13. Qf3

14. Ng3

15. Bc2

16. Nf5

17. exf5

18. dxe4

19. Qd1

20. Bb3

21. Qxd2

22. Re2

23. Rxe4

24. Ng4

25. Kh2

26. g3

27. Bc2

28. Qx­h6ch 29. Nf6ch White re­signs O-O Ba7 h6

Be6 Re8 Qd7 Kh7 d5 d4 Bxf5 e4

Ne5 d3 d2

Nd3 Nxe4 Rxe4 Re1ch Qd6ch R(a)e8 Qd5 Kg8 gxf6

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