Swift jus­tice for Dy­lann Roof

San Francisco Chronicle Late Edition - - FROM THE COVER -

Re­gard­ing “Don’t make Dy­lann Roof a mar­tyr” ( Jan. 13): While I agree with Spencer Whit­ney about the need to ad­dress “the hate­ful ideas and be­liefs that give birth to white su­prem­a­cists,” Dy­lann Roof is an un­re­pen­tant mass mur­derer who, if im­pris­oned for life rather than be­ing ex­e­cuted, could live for the next half cen­tury on the tax­pay­ers’ dime.

Any sup­port­ers of his twisted racist ide­ol­ogy need to re­al­ize that there are ex­treme con­se­quences for such out­ra­geous ac­tions. And the fam­i­lies of Roof ’s vic­tims de­serve jus­tice and some form of clo­sure by hav­ing his sen­tence car­ried out swiftly. Xavier Be­tan­court, San Fran­cisco

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