Smoky sur­round­ings for Bay Area

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Re­gard­ing “Wild­fire dev­as­tates Butte County town” (Page 1, Nov. 9): I’m an old guy. How old? I re­mem­ber be­ing slapped around the Mis­sion Dolores play­ground be­cause my par­ents voted for Ad­lai Steven­son in­stead of for­mer Pres­i­dent Dwight Eisen­hower.

I’m old enough to re­mem­ber when you couldn’t see across the Bay to Oak­land be­cause of the ever-present smog. Now you can’t see the East Bay be­cause of thick smoke from cli­mate change ex­ac­er­bated wild­fires. We hu­mans do seem de­ter­mined to muck up our planet one way or an­other.

Rik Myslewski, San Fran­cisco

Shame on politi­cians

Re­gard­ing “Amer­ica’s bur­den” (Ed­i­to­rial, Nov. 9) on the shoot­ing tragedy in Thou­sand Oaks (and all the many oth­ers): Has the restric­tion on the Cen­ters for Dis­ease Con­trol and Pre­ven­tion study­ing gun deaths in the U.S. been lifted? I think not! Ev­ery politi­cian in this coun­try should hang their heads in shame! Michael Peter­son, San Fran­cisco

Safe-driv­ing classes

Pedes­tri­ans are killed and in­jured on our streets. Drivers speed, ig­nore traf­fic sig­nals and rage at peo­ple and other drivers. The San Fran­cisco Uni­fied School Dis­trict needs more money to have driver in­struc­tion in all our high schools. More taxes need to be paid to fi­nance th­ese safe-driv­ing classes. The many pri­vate and re­li­gious high schools should start giv­ing driv­ing in­struc­tions to their stu­dents, too. More san­ity on the road will re­sult when proper driv­ing in­struc­tion be­comes part of high school ed­u­ca­tion.

Robert Cromey, San Fran­cisco

Trump went too far

Re­gard­ing “CNN re­porter banned from White House” (Nov. 9): We all know that Pres­i­dent Trump lies con­stantly, but this time he has sim­ply gone too far. Re­fer­ring to the com­bat­ive news con­fer­ence, he said, “I came in here as a nice per­son want­ing to an­swer ques­tions, and I had peo­ple jump­ing out of their seats scream­ing ques­tions at me.” How stupid does he think we are?

Bob Ro­den, Berke­ley

‘Thoughts and prayers’

It has be­come eas­ier for the Na­tional Ri­fle As­so­ci­a­tion to send their “thoughts and prayers” to the fam­i­lies suf­fer­ing from the loss of loved ones due to most re­cent mass mur­ders. All they have to do is hit “for­ward” on their word pro­ces­sor. Mike Moser, Mill Val­ley

Ad­mirable stunt­woman

Re­gard­ing “Kitty O’Neil — deaf stunt­woman and record speed racer” (Nov. 9): Thank you for the re­mem­brance of Hol­ly­wood stunt­woman and rock­et­fu­eled ve­hi­cle speed racer Kitty O’Neil. It’s amaz­ing that O’Neil achieved her suc­cess per­form­ing stunts in movies and on tele­vi­sion, as well as set­ting women’s land-speed record, even though she was deaf and had to over­come other health is­sues.

Her ac­com­plish­ments are a po­tent re­minder that our so­ci­ety should pro­vide op­por­tu­ni­ties for ev­ery­one to be suc­cess­ful, re­gard­less of their gen­der or phys­i­cal dis­abil­i­ties.

Jen­nifer Erick­son-James, San Fran­cisco

Dis­like chang­ing clocks

On “Time shift can’t spring for­ward right away” (Nov. 8): All the ar­gu­ments for year-round day­light sav­ing time in this ar­ti­cle are equally valid for year­round stan­dard time. Ac­tu­ally, there was only one such ar­gu­ment: no­body likes chang­ing clocks.

Ethan Coven, Berke­ley

Pen­sions and pris­ons

Re­gard­ing Christo­pher Burn­ham’s “Politi­ciza­tion hurts re­turns, harms re­tirees” (Nov. 7): Ex­cuse me? As a re­tired teacher, I had no idea part of my pen­sion comes from in­vest­ments in pri­vate prison com­pa­nies! Now I un­der­stand the lack of proper fund­ing for the schools in which I taught, of suf­fi­cient coun­sel­ing for dis­turbed stu­dents, the fre­quent ab­sence of even such ba­sic sup­plies as pa­per tow­els in the bath­rooms and the times when sub­sti­tute teach­ers didn’t show up.

I had no idea it was in my in­ter­est to con­trib­ute not to well ed­u­cated and sup­ported chil­dren who would be­come good cit­i­zens but to mise­d­u­cated and alien­ated young peo­ple whose in­car­cer­a­tion would prop up my de­clin­ing years. There are other in­vest­ment op­por­tu­ni­ties in the world; per­haps the wise and om­ni­scient Burn­ham could sug­gest some.

And, yes, pick­ing on “sugar and soda com­pa­nies” would be a good idea, as most schools have been on a steady cam­paign to dis­cour­age their use and pro­mote healthy foods. I sup­pose slav­ery was seen by some as a “ro­bust in­vest­ment.” Pol­i­tics is so­ci­ety, Burn­ham, and it’s nice to think that so­ci­ety can be­come en­light­ened and, with luck, change for the bet­ter.

Jean White, San Fran­cisco

Raise funds for Mueller

There is a so­lu­tion to the threat­ened cur­tail­ment of funds for Spe­cial Coun­sel Robert Mueller’s vi­tal work. It’s called Go­FundMe and I’m bet­ting that it would gen­er­ate the nec­es­sary cash in about five min­utes. John Joss, Los Al­tos

Ses­sions’ me­dia tour

Jeff Ses­sions: We ea­gerly await your tell-all book and me­dia tour. Please sign me up for three copies. Jerry Az­zaro, San Fran­cisco

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