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What you get: World-class views and pic­nic sites, easy walks and a wild-card ad­ven­ture for kayaks un­der the Golden Gate Bridge can put Fort Baker on the map for all. Fort Baker is set along the deep cove lo­cated just in­land from the north­ern foot of the Golden Gate Bridge in Marin. Add it up: Land­mark views, easy to reach, good park­ing and free.

What you see: From the bay’s shore­line, you can turn to your right to­ward the en­trance to the bay and gaze up at the Golden Gate Bridge. You can see straight across to Fort Point and along the S.F. water­front past Crissy Field to Fish­er­man’s Wharf. As you turn left, you can take in Al­ca­traz, An­gel Is­land and the en­trance to Rac­coon Strait.

Best easy walk: Park at the large lot for the Bay Dis­cov­ery Mu­seum, then walk a short dis­tance south to Som­merville Road. It fronts Horse­shoe Cove, fac­ing the bay. Turn right, and walk along the cove a short dis­tance to Moore Road. Turn left and con­tinue past the fish­ing pier and along the water to Lime Point, a short dis­tance from the north­ern foot of the Golden Gate Bridge. On clear days, this is an amaz­ing look­out. Walk to pic­nic: From park­ing at the Bay Dis­cov­ery Mu­seum, walk to the Fort Baker Bay Trail. It leads a short dis­tance to East Road, par­al­lels the road east for a short dis­tance, and then breaks off to your right to Yel­low Bluff. You ar­rive at a pic­nic bench with the best pic­nic view in the Bay Area.

Kayak: Ex­perts only: With a sea kayak, ex­perts can se­lect an early fall day when there is no wind. With a tide and cur­rent book, de­fine the ex­act right time be­tween mod­er­ate tides when there is vir­tu­ally no cur­rent. Then pad­dle un­der the Golden Gate Bridge. Electrifying. Oth­er­wise stick to the cove and Marin shore­line.

The his­tory: In the late 1800s and early 1900s, Fort Baker was an Army post. A se­ries of gun em­place­ments are lo­cated at Bat­tery Yates, just east of Horse­shoe Cove.

Cost: Park­ing, ac­cess free.

Dogs: Leashed dogs per­mit­ted. No dogs on Chapel Trail.

Map/brochure: Avail­able at vis­i­tor cen­ter.

Con­tacts: Marin Head­lands, 415-331-1540, goga.

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