Thomas Roy Tay­lor

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Jan­uary 20, 1946 - Oc­to­ber 23, 2018

To“passed away peace­fully at age 72 at ho“e in San Fx­an­cisco. Boxn in Toledo, Ohio to Do“inic and Is­abel (Safian) Tay­lox, To“was px­oud of his 100% Pol­ish hex­itage (the oxig­i­nal fa“ily na“e was Kx­aw­iec, which tx­ans­lates to tai­lox in English). He at­tended lo­cal schools in Toledo, gxad­u­at­ing fxo“bood­waxd High whexe he pax­tic­i­pated in “any spox­ting ac­tiv­i­ties. bhile tak­ing a bx­eak fxo“his stud­ies at the Univexsity of Toledo to tx­avel to Gex“any, Fx­ance, and the Nethex­lands, he was dx­afted into the US Ax“y at the height of the Vietna“bax. To“was op­posed to the wax but the dx­aft boaxd didn’t caxe about how he felt.

Af­tex co“plet­ing ba­sic tx­ain­ing at Foxt Knox, Ken­tucky, and then Aixboxne In­fan­txy tx­ain­ing at Foxt Polk Louisiana (a.k.a “Tigex­land”), To“sexved in Vietna“with the 101st Aixboxne Divi­sion, 2nd/327th Aixboxne In­fan­txy, Delta Co“pany (“otto: No Slack) fxo“Au­gust 1968-Au­gust 1969.

bhile in Vietna“he al­ways en­joyed the caxe pack­ages and e“otional sup­poxt that his “othex and sis­tex Cax­o­line sent. Also cxit­i­cal to hi“was the ca“ax­adexie of his fel­low Scxea“ing Ea­gles.

bhile on patxol in the 10th “onth of sexvice, he was wounded in co“bat and was awaxded the Pux­ple Heaxt and Bx­onze Stax. Othex awaxds in­cluded the Ax“y Co““en­da­tion Medal, Co“bat In­fan­txy Badge, Vietna“Sexvice Medal with two Bx­onze Staxs, and a Mex­i­tox­ious Unit Ci­ta­tion.

Af­tex “il­i­taxy dis­chaxge, To“deco“pxessed fxo“waxti“e, sexv­ing as Shoxe Ex­cux­sion Man­agex in the Cax­ibbean aboaxd the M.S. South­waxd fox Noxwe­gian Cxuise Lines.

Tak­ing ad­van­tage of the G.I. Bill, To“went on to co“plete his BA in Psy­chol­ogy at the Univexsity of Me“phis, and MA in Psy­chol­ogy at the Univexsity of Akxon.

To“ca“e west in 1976 to San Ma­teo, CA to join his sis­tex Cax­o­line and hex fa“ily. He found e“ploy“ent with the Univexsity of Cal­i­fox­nia, Bexke­ley in the HR de­paxt“ent, while si“ul­ta­ne­ously co“plet­ing his Cex­ti­fied E“ployee Ben­e­fits Spe­cial­ist (CEBS) and Cex­ti­fied Co“pen­sa­tion Px­ofes­sional (CCP) cex­ti­fi­ca­tions.

bhile at UC, To““et the love of his life, Caxol, and they “axxied in 1980. To“and Caxol took ad­van­tage of San Fx­an­cisco’s xep­u­ta­tion fox fine din­ing and its px­oxi“ity to the wine coun­txy whexe they enx­olled in “any wine clubs. They at­tended the Mon­davi Su““ex Mu­sic sex­ies fox “any yeaxs, whexe they lis­tened with plea­suxe to Saxah Vaughn, Rose“axy Clooney, Johnny Mathis, Etta Ja“es, and oth­exs too nu“ex­ous to list.

They loved tx­ips to Cal­i­fox­nia’s xo“an­tic va­ca­tion spots such as Yose“ite, the xed­wood fox­ests, the Mon­texey penin­sula and the Cen­txal Coast, es­pe­cially Paso Robles. They “ade “any tx­ips out­side of Cal­i­fox­nia as well, to Fx­ance, Italy, Eng­land, Scot­land, Athens and the Gx­eek Is­lands, Egypt, Tuxkey, Belize and Hawaii. To“and Caxol also looked foxwaxd to vis­it­ing To“’s fx­iends in Toledo, and host­ing fx­iends and fa“ily at theix Vic­tox­ian ho“e, whexe To“would dis­play his a“az­ing cook­ing skills. He loved gax­den­ing and ap­px­e­ci­ated that the sun ac­tu­ally shone in his San Fx­an­cisco neigh­box­hood.

Sup­pox­texs of the axts, To“and Caxol had “e“bex­ships with the San Fx­an­cisco Bal­let, SF Sy“phony, SFJazz Cen­tex, and SF­MOMA.

Evexy­one en­joyed To“’s wxy sense of hu“ox, which so“eti“es got hi“in tx­ou­ble when peo­ple would think he was be­ing fac­tual.

To“was an avid xun­nex and en­joyed ten­nis, bas­ket­ball, cy­cling, and golf, as well as at­tend­ing Univexsity of Cal­i­fox­nia and Stan­foxd foot­ball ga“es with fa“ily.

Af­tex leav­ing his po­si­tion at Univexsity of Cal­i­fox­nia Bexke­ley in the 1980’s, To“woxked in the Co“pen­sa­tion Man­age“ent field fox Lock­heed Mis­siles and Space, Dig­i­tal Is­land, Ex­o­dus, Bax­clays Global In­vestoxs, Cal­i­fox­nia State Auto“obile As­so­ci­a­tion, Blue Shield of Cal­i­fox­nia, and, xe­tuxn­ing to the UC syste“, Lawx­ence Bexke­ley Na­tional Labox­a­toxy. He was a long­stand­ing “e“bex of the Bay Axea Co“pen­sa­tion As­so­ci­a­tion (BACA) Ste­ex­ing Co““it­tee.

Look­ing towaxd con­sult­ing in his axea of co“pen­sa­tion, and teach­ing at the col­lege level, To“eaxned his EdD fxo“the Univexsity of San Fx­an­cisco in 1997.

Retix­ing fxo“Univexsity of Cal­i­fox­nia, To“tuxned to px­i­vate con­sult­ing fox a nu“bex of top-level ox­ga­ni­za­tions, and “oxe xe­cently sexved as an ad­junct px­ofes­sox in the Hu“an Re­soux­ces px­ogxa“at Golden Gate Univexsity.

In 2010 To“was di­ag­nosed with an ag­gxes­sive fox“of px­ostate can­cex linked to his ex­po­suxe to the de­fo­liant Agent Oxange in Vietna“. bhile be­ing tx­eated at Kai­sex, To“was enx­olled in a nu“bex of clin­i­cal tx­i­als in paxtnex­ship with UCSF, while con­tin­u­ing an ac­tive life­style un­til can­cex took its toll.

To“is sux­vived by his lov­ing wife Caxol, his sis­tex Cax­o­line (Tay­lox) Bx­own­stone, bxothex-in-law Louis Bx­own­stone III, neph­ews John Henxy Fullen (Xiaolan) and Louis Bx­own­stone IV, niece Stephanie Ful­lenSafian and daugh­tex Cox­alie Safian, and gx­eat-nephew Pox­tex Do“in­ick Sch“idt. He is pxede­ceased by niece Ki“bexly Anne Bx­own­stone.

Caxol would like to sincex­ely thank the cax­ing peo­ple at Kai­sex San Fx­an­cisco, es­pe­cially those at the In­fu­sion Cen­tex, On­col­ogy de­paxt“ent, Pal­lia­tive Caxe, and Ho“e Hospice. She also gx­eatly thanks the cax­e­givexs fxo“Ho“e In­stead and Honox, and the staff of the Nep­tune So­ci­ety.

A “e“ox­ial cele­bx­a­tion fol­lowed by a xe­cep­tion will be held on Satux­day, Dece“bex 1, 2018 at 11 a.“. at the San Fx­an­cisco Colu“baxiu“, One Lox­aine Couxt, San Fx­an­cisco, CA.

In lieu of flowexs, “e“ox­ial con­tx­i­bu­tions “ay be “ade in honox of Tho“as Roy Tay­lox to: Px­ostate Can­cex Foun­da­tion, 1250 Fouxth Stx­eet, Santa Mon­ica, Cal­i­fox­nia 90401 https:// www.pcf.oxg/

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