Con­grats, and long live King James*

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Sour grapes are bet­ter than no dessert at all ...

Some peo­ple wear a halo. For me, LeBron James will al­ways wear an in­vis­i­ble as­ter­isk over his head, in place of his king’s crown.

Un­til he con­vinc­ingly de­nies that he pol­i­ticked to have Dray­mond Green sus­pended, King James will be a stu­pen­dous player who wasn’t strong enough to win the NBA cham­pi­onship straight-up.

The Ul­ti­mate Warrior (the T-shirt James wore fly­ing back to Cleveland) should have rocked a “Cow­ardly Lion” Tshirt.

Mean­while, shame on the league for even ask­ing for James’ or the Cavs’ in­put be­fore sus­pend­ing Green.

I do be­lieve the NBA Fi­nals were rigged to ex­tend to six or seven games. How­ever, I’ve read and heard the elo­quent ar­gu­ments for why the league would have no rea­son to tam­per with the games, and I re­ject these ar­gu­ments on this ground: Al­most ev­ery­one cheats.

The heads of the Olympics and World Cup are the Key­stone Kops of cheat­ing. Ev­ery Olympics in re­cent mem­ory has been tainted with drug cheats. Politi­cians and busi­ness lead­ers cheat like crazy the world over. The NFL has been caught ly­ing a mil­lion times about con­cus­sions.

It’s a cheat­ing world, broth­ers and sis­ters. The mo­tive is usu­ally money. The NBA has a new $24 bil­lion TV con­tract. Do you think the league doesn’t care if the TV peo­ple feel short­changed at any point?

Again, I do not be­lieve the NBA cheated, but don’t tell me it’s im­pos­si­ble and there is no log­i­cal rea­son.

I also do not be­lieve the War­riors’ los­ing the Fi­nals was karma pay­back for Joe La­cob’s “light years” brag to the New York Times. If brag­ging was a karma krime, the en­tire NBA would be locked up on Al­ca­traz.

Maybe you’d rather have Chris Co­han back. He didn’t do a lot of brag­ging.

La­cob’s pun­ish­ment will be hav­ing to en­dure jokes about how his time machine got timemachine-jacked by the Cava­liers.

Damian Jones, the War­riors’ top draft pick, was 80 min­utes

late for his in­tro­duc­tory new con­fer­ence be­cause of traf­fic? Jones should have bor­rowed La­cob’s time machine.

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