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Ivoted for Hil­lary Clin­ton last year and not for Don­ald Trump, as did a ma­jor­ity of vot­ers in the U.S. One of the many rea­sons I voted that way was be­cause I was un­der no il­lu­sion as to how Trump would be­have if he gained the of­fice of pres­i­dent of the United States.

Trump had made it very clear through­out his cam­paign that he would con­tinue the be­hav­ior that won him the nom­i­na­tion. He would lie about ev­ery­thing, threaten any­one who dis­agreed with him, play to his base of “de­plorables” (Hil­lary was right) and in gen­eral, he would be­have ex­actly as he had through­out his highly dis­rep­utable ca­reer.

In other words he would con­tinue to cheat, lie, threaten, blus­ter and play his role as if he was still star­ring in his own “You’re fired!” TV re­al­ity show. Ex­cept he would now be “play­ing” with our fal­ter­ing democ­racy and with the ac­tual fu­ture of the United States still, as if he were in a TV re­al­ity show.

Why couldn’t our sup­pos­edly ex­pe­ri­enced and in­tel­li­gent leg­is­la­tors, on all sides, have fore­seen this very fright­en­ing sit­u­a­tion where the great­est threat to the se­cu­rity of our great na­tion now is its top ex­ec­u­tive?

It’s very clear that the whole Repub­li­can Party, from top to bot­tom, is re­spon­si­ble for what may end up be­ing the great­est dis­as­ter to be­fall our na­tion since the Civil War. How could so many Amer­i­can women vote for a man who has con­tin­u­ously shown such dis­dain and com­plete lack of re­spect and con­cern for all women? How could so many people have voted some­one into the role of com­man­der in chief who has demon­strated such a com­plete lack of abil­ity to fo­cus in­tel­li­gently on dif­fi­cult prob­lems and sit­u­a­tions or on any real prob­lems and sit­u­a­tions? Trump be­ing in that very se­ri­ous role has moved the Dooms­day Clock closer to Ar­maged­don than ever be­fore.

If I knew this all would hap­pen if Trump “won” the pres­i­dency, why didn’t the ven­er­a­ble “Grand Old Party” un­der­stand this also? Well, of course many of them did, but as usual, the sur­vival of the party ap­par­ently took prece­dence over the sur­vival of our democ­racy and our beloved coun­try.

For that ex­treme dere­lic­tion of duty, the whole Repub­li­can Party, in my hum­ble opin­ion, is guilty of trea­son and the party lead­ers at least, in­clud­ing Trump, should im­me­di­ately be charged with that very se­ri­ous crime, prefer­ably be­fore the Dooms­day Clock reaches “mid­night.”

David King is a re­tired IT ex­ec­u­tive, ex-sin­gle-en­gine air­plane pi­lot, a pol­i­tics and his­tory ad­dict and res­i­dent of Santa Fe.

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