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Take this Su­per Quiz to a Ph.D. Score 1 point for each cor­rect an­swer on the Fresh­man Level, 2 points on the Grad­u­ate Level and 3 points on the Ph.D. Level. Sub­ject: SCIENCE (e.g., Term for an an­gle greater than 90 de­grees. An­swer: Ob­tuse.)

FRESH­MAN LEVEL 1. The Ro­man nu­meral for 500. An­swer________ 2. What did an apothe­cary pre­pare and sell? An­swer________ 3. In­stru­ment used to ob­serve re­mote ob­jects.


GRAD­U­ATE LEVEL 4. The world’s largest ro­dent. An­swer________ 5. In which coun­try is the site of the Ch­er­nobyl dis­as­ter? An­swer________ 6. From what is the name “For­tran” (pro­gram­ming lan­guage) de­rived?



7. Percy Shaw patented the cat’s eye in 1934. What is it? An­swer________ 8. Com­mon name for the hep­tahy­drate sul­fate min­eral ep­somite. An­swer________ 9. El­e­ment that is the coat­ing of choice for con­cen­trated so­lar power re­flec­tors.

An­swer________ AN­SWERS:

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