Salt Sea­weed flakes, such as nori or dulse, for serv­ing (op­tional)

SAVEUR - - Season To Taste -

1 Make the kombu stock: In a small bowl, com­bine the kombu and 3½ cups wa­ter; chill at least 8 hours or overnight.

2 Start the sauces: In a small bowl, add the al­monds and enough cool wa­ter to cover. In a sep­a­rate small bowl, add ½ cup pis­ta­chios and enough wa­ter to cover; let the nuts soak at least 8 hours or overnight.

3 In a small pot over low heat, add the kombu mix­ture; heat to just be­low a sim­mer (about 150°), then con­tinue cook­ing at that tem­per­a­ture, ad­just­ing the heat as needed, for 1 hour. Re­move and let cool.

4 Us­ing a slot­ted spoon, re­move the kombu and squeeze any mois­ture back into the pot; coarsely chop the greens and re­serve. Chill the kombu and stock un­til ready to use, up to 1 week.

5 Make the al­mond cream: In a blender, add the drained al­monds and 1⅓ cups of the chilled kombu stock (re­serve the re­main­ing stock). Blend the mix­ture into a thick, smooth cream, about 1 minute. Strain through a fine sieve set over a bowl; dis­card the solids.

6 Make the rel­ish: In a large pan over medium-high heat, heat 2 ta­ble­spoons olive oil. Add the pars­ley, scal­lions, and a pinch of salt and cook, stir­ring oc­ca­sion­ally, un­til the greens wilt and darken, 1–2 min­utes. Trans­fer to a plate and spread into an even layer; chill un­til cooled.

7 In the clean bowl of a blender, add the chilled greens, soaked and drained pis­ta­chios, and re­main­ing ½ cup olive oil. Blend un­til pesto­like and al­most smooth, about 2 min­utes.

8 Trans­fer the herb mix­ture to a medium bowl. Finely chop the re­main­ing 3 ta­ble­spoons pis­ta­chios. Add them to the bowl along with ¼ cup of the re­served chopped kombu, 2 ta­ble­spoons of stock, the chile paste, lemon peel, soy sauce, and Worces­ter­shire sauce; stir to com­bine. 9 Pre­pare the veg­eta­bles: Us­ing a man­do­line or sharp knife, thinly slice a few car­rots, radishes, and/or cu­cum­bers to serve raw, as gar­nish. Pair like veg­eta­bles to­gether so they can be cooked in groups. Peel car­rots, turnips, and beets, leav­ing a bit of the stems at­tached for ap­pear­ance; halve or slice any large ones ver­ti­cally so they are about the same thick­ness. Trim radishes and spring onions. Cut them, as well as cu­cum­bers, zuc­chini, and ro­mano beans, into bite­size pieces. Shell fava beans and peas. Stem any toma­toes and cut in half.


10 In a 4-quart Dutch oven or heavy-bot­tomed pot with a lid, heat 2 ta­ble­spoons olive oil over medium-high heat. Add a gen­er­ous pinch of salt and the first batch of veg­eta­bles, stir­ring to coat evenly with the oil; cover and let cook un­til the veg­eta­bles be­gin to soften, 5–7 min­utes. Stir in 2 ta­ble­spoons of stock (or up to 3 for firmer veg­eta­bles) and an­other small pinch of salt; cover and cook un­til the liq­uid has evap­o­rated and the veg­eta­bles are al dente and glazed, 2–3 min­utes more. Re­peat with the re­main­ing groups of veg­eta­bles, adding up to 1 ta­ble­spoon olive oil more for each batch, if nec­es­sary.

11 When ready to serve, spoon some of the al­mond cream onto 6 in­di­vid­ual plates or one large serv­ing plat­ter. Spoon small dol­lops of the herb rel­ish around the plate. Driz­zle with a few drops of olive oil and sprin­kle with sea­weed flakes if us­ing. Ar­range the cooked and raw veg­eta­bles atop the sauce and serve with the re­main­ing al­mond cream and herb rel­ish on the side as de­sired.

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