Baked Egg Dan­ish with Kim­chi and Ba­con


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Ac­tive: 2 hr. • To­tal: 14 hr. 30 min. Rich, chewy lam­i­nated dough puffs up in the oven to sus­pend kim­chi, ba­con, and baked eggs in the cen­ter of these sa­vory break­fast pas­tries. Swap out the kim­chi and ba­con for any of your fa­vorite sa­vory egg ac­com­pa­ni­ments, like cooked mush­rooms and greens or grated cheese and herbs. For the best tex­ture, be sure to drain or squeeze any ex­tra liq­uid off cooked veg­eta­bles be­fore adding.

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large egg yolks Tbsp. heavy cream batch Tar­tine’s Crois­sants dough (pg. 28), prepared through Step 7 Bread flour, for dust­ing thick slices cooked ba­con, chopped cup prepared kim­chi, drained well large eggs Chopped chives for top­ping

1 Line 2 bak­ing sheets with parch­ment pa­per; set aside. In a small bowl, beat the 3 egg yolks and the heavy cream; set aside.

2 Three hours be­fore you are ready to serve, re­move the thawed crois­sant dough from the re­frig­er­a­tor. Lightly dust a work sur­face with flour and use a rolling pin to flat­ten the dough into a 26x18-inch rec­tan­gle about ⅛ inch thick. Use a straight edge and a par­ing knife or pizza cut­ter to trim about 1 inch from all 4 sides so that you have an even, 24x16-inch rec­tan­gle. Cut the rec­tan­gle into twenty-four 4-inch squares. Trans­fer to the prepared bak­ing sheets; re­frig­er­ate for 30 min­utes.

3 Place 2 oven racks at least 3 inches apart in the cen­ter of the oven, and pre­heat to 400°. Set a large bak­ing dish filled with wa­ter on the floor of the oven. Re­trieve the pas­try squares, and if shrunken slightly, stretch and trim them back into even 4-inch squares. Use a 2-inch round bis­cuit cut­ter to punch holes in the cen­ter of half of the squares (these will be the top sides of the pas­tries). Brush the edges of the re­main­ing dough squares lightly with egg wash (re­serve the re­main­ing egg wash for later). Layer the pieces with the cutouts onto the un­cut pieces, then dis­trib­ute them around the prepared bak­ing sheets, leav­ing as much space be­tween them as pos­si­ble. Set the trays in a warm, prefer­ably hu­mid place and let the

pas­tries rise un­til they are puffed and nearly dou­bled in size, 35–40 min­utes.

4 Brush the tops of the dan­ish evenly with the re­main­ing egg wash. Put a few pieces of chopped ba­con into each hole, re­serv­ing half, and di­vide the kim­chi into each. Trans­fer the trays to the oven and bake un­til the pas­try is quite golden and puffed slightly in the cen­ter but still soft, 18–20 min­utes. Re­move the trays. Working quickly, use the back of a spoon to lightly press the cen­ter of the pas­try back down, deep­en­ing the hole. Care­fully crack 1 egg into each hole and top with the re­main­ing ba­con bits. Im­me­di­ately re­turn the trays to the oven and bake un­til the pas­tries are deep golden brown, the egg whites have set, and the yolks are still ten­der and soft (about 9 min­utes for a very runny yolk and 13–15 for well done). Re­move, sprin­kle each yolk lightly with chives, and serve im­me­di­ately.

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