Roasted Cab­bage with Horse­rad­ish Cream


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Ac­tive: 15 min. • To­tal: 45 min. In this but­tery, creamy side dish, dry white ver­mouth and freshly grated horse­rad­ish help to make win­try cab­bage lively and ro­bust. In Fin­land, a splash of bar­ley or rye syrup would be added to en­hance the cab­bage’s nat­u­ral sweet­ness; Fin­nish-amer­i­cans are likely to use more widely avail­able dark corn syrup. Cut into large wedges, the peaks turn brown and crispy while the in­side lay­ers soften in the cream. 1 medium (2¼ lb.) green cab­bage 1½ cups heavy cream ⅓ cup freshly grated horse­rad­ish (1½ oz.) ⅓ cup dry white ver­mouth 1 Tbsp. dark corn syrup ¾ tsp. kosher salt, plus more as needed 3 Tbsp. (1½ oz.) un­salted but­ter, cut in small pieces

1 Pre­heat the oven to 450°. Re­move a few of the large out­er­most leaves from the cab­bage. Rinse the leaves, and place them around the perime­ter of a wide, shal­low stove­top-safe bak­ing dish or small Dutch oven so they come par­tially up the sides (don’t worry if they don’t cover the whole sur­face). Cut the re­main­ing cab­bage into 6 wedges. Ar­range these tightly with their points fac­ing up in the bak­ing dish.

2 In a medium bowl, whisk the cream, horse­rad­ish, ver­mouth, corn syrup, and ¾ tea­spoon salt; pour the mix­ture over the cab­bage. Dot with the but­ter and cover with a tight-fit­ting lid. 3 Set the dish on a burner over high heat. Let it cook un­til the cab­bage steams to a brighter green and looks slightly wilted at the edges, 4–6 min­utes. Re­move the cover, and us­ing a tur­key baster or a large spoon, driz­zle the tops of the wedges with the cream mix­ture.

4 Trans­fer to the hot oven, un­cov­ered, and roast, bast­ing once half­way through, un­til the cab­bage is ten­der and caramelized at the tips, 35–40 min­utes. Serve im­me­di­ately.

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