Yuba-cloaked Lily Bulbs and Shi­itakes in Broth

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SERVES 4; PHOTO PG. 39 TO­TAL: 1 HR. 30 MIN. Called a wan­mono, this win­ter vegetable soup is named for the squat bowl, or wan, in which it is served. This ver­sion uses kuzu root pow­der as a thick­ener, sus­pend­ing the grated turnip in the en­riched broth (the sus­pended white strands mimic sleet, or

mi­zore). If nec­es­sary, sub­sti­tute ar­row­root or corn­starch for the kuzu pow­der. Lily bulbs can be found fresh at Asian mar­kets, and do­mes­ti­cally pro­duced yuba is avail­able on­line at ho­dosoy.com.

¾ oz. dried kombu (eight 3x3-inch sheets) 8 ginkgo nuts 4 fresh lily bulbs (4 oz.) 1 small kabu (turnip), finely grated (¼ cup) 1 oz. shi­itake mush­rooms (about 12) ¼ cup kuzuko (kuzu root pow­der), such as

Yoshino-kuzu 4 tsp. soy sauce 1 tsp. sea salt 2 cups vegetable oil, for fry­ing 2 6x4-inch sheets fresh yuba (tofu skin),

halved cross­wise Steamed chrysan­the­mum flow­ers and

mizuna (Ja­panese mus­tard greens)

1 In a medium pot, add the kombu and 7 cups wa­ter; bring to a rapid boil for 20 min­utes, then turn off the heat. Re­move the kombu from the stock and dis­card or re­serve the leaves for an­other use. Set the kombu stock aside.

2 Mean­while, in a sep­a­rate small pot, com­bine the ginkgo nuts and lily bulbs with enough wa­ter to cover; bring to a boil and cook un­til soft, 10–12 min­utes. Drain the mix­ture, crack open the ginkgo nuts, and peel away their in­ner skins. Sea­son each of the lily bulbs with salt and form each into a mar­ble-size ball.

3 To the kombu stock, add the grated kabu, shi­itake mush­rooms, kuzuko, soy sauce, and sea salt; stir well to dis­solve the kuzuko. Bring to a sim­mer over medium-low heat, then cover the pot. Ad­just the heat to main­tain a sim­mer for 15 min­utes.

4 Mean­while, add the oil to an­other small pot; heat un­til a deep-fry ther­mome­ter reads 350°.

5 In the cen­ter of each piece of yuba, place a lily ball and 2 ginkgo nuts. Fold the bot­tom edge of the yuba over the in­gre­di­ents to cover, then fold in the two sides, then the top; press the yuba edges gently to seal.

6 Set a pa­per towel–lined plate next to the stove. When the oil is hot, add the yuba bun­dles, working one or two at a time, and deep-fry un­til crispy and puffed, 2 min­utes. Re­move us­ing a slot­ted spoon and trans­fer to the plate.

7 Place each yuba bundle in a small soup bowl. Di­vide the mush­rooms be­tween the bowls and la­dle in the broth. Gar­nish with the flow­ers and greens, then serve.

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