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PRICE $1,399.95 CON­TACT atom­i­caquat­

Atomic says it “rethought every ma­te­rial and com­po­nent” when de­sign­ing its first BC, and it shows: ra­chet­ing tank-band lock, self-seal­ing zip­pers, a rugged water­proof fab­ric that dries al­most be­fore you get it off, in­te­grated-weight latches that look like they were sourced from the space pro­gram. The com­pul­sive at­ten­tion to de­tail — the cor­ru­gated in­fla­tor hose is se­cured not with zip ties but by tiny clamps with stain­less hard­ware — and, frankly, the price, seemed to verge on overkill. But test divers gave it top scores in nearly every cat­e­gory and over­whelm­ingly se­lected it as their fa­vorite of the test, not be­cause of ti­ta­nium-coated stain­less D-rings and the like, but be­cause the BC1 ex­cels in the qual­i­ties a BC needs: sta­bil­ity, com­fort, con­trol, con­ve­nience and dura­bil­ity. Some shorter divers found that the side pan­els ex­tended a lit­tle too high, and some found it hefty top­side (just over 10 pounds, but neu­tral in the wa­ter). That its de­sign spared no cost shows in its price. But what im­pressed was its level of per­for­mance. The BC1 is our Testers Choice for jacket BCS.

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