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Each win­ter in the Nor­we­gian Arc­tic, hun­dreds of killer whales and hump­backs chase a vast her­ring mi­gra­tion, push­ing them to shal­lower waters where the hunt­ing is eas­ier. To wit­ness the ac­tion on the sur­face from a boat is quite easy, but to get close encounters un­der­wa­ter is an­other story: It’s ab­so­lutely up to the an­i­mals to de­cide if they will permit hu­man con­tact. Op­er­a­tors use fast RIBS to drop divers in front of the hunt­ing whales, but you most likely will get only a brief in­ter­ac­tion. You need good phys­i­cal fit­ness to hop in and out of the wa­ter many, many times. Even then, it is chal­leng­ing to get a de­cent shot.


LO­CA­TION An­denes, North At­lantic

PHO­TOG­RA­PHER To­bias Friedrich WHEN TO GO From Novem­ber to Jan­uary; wa­ter temps range from 32˚F to 40˚F DIVE NOW north­ern-ex­plor­

Clock­wise from top: A 3D stereo cam­era cap­tures the ac­tion; the arc­ing North­ern Lights; or­cas hunt­ing.

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