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The Sumi’s very pli­able blade had more than one test diver not­ing that it felt some­thing like a split fin, with the same pros and cons — lit­tle leg stress but quite a bit of kick­ing re­quired. That split opin­ions on its ef­fec­tive­ness, be­tween divers who wanted more oomph (“like rid­ing a bi­cy­cle in low gear”) and those who liked the low ef­fort (“sur­pris­ingly pow­er­ful”), but it ended up with an over­all score of good for power. Even with fast kick­ing, the six ver­ti­cal ribs on the blade top kept it track­ing straight enough to earn a very good score for sta­bil­ity, and the sup­ple, rel­a­tively light blade worked well for sur­face swimming, where it was scored very good. Though we didn’t have a full range of sizes, the Sumi’s foot pocket, soft­est by far in our test, helped it fi t most divers, who rated it good for com­fort.

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